Increase Web Traffic with Voice Search

Increase Web Traffic with Voice Search - Complete Controller

What Is Meant By Voice Search?

Voice search is a technology that allows users to search by voice instead of typing keywords into search engines. The best-known and most-used voice search technology is Google Voice Search, which uses the principles of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to simulate human hearing and reasoning. Also present in intelligent artificial assistants like Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft), audio technology uses human speech recognition to precisely understand what you’re saying. That is, you say what you want to search, and Google gives you an answer. Lovely, isn’t it? CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Voice search further proves that the user experience (UX) should be valued. The more customers use this technology, the more adaptations you must make to digital marketing strategies to meet their demands. Before we understand how voice search impacts your communication with the user and your business results, let’s know why people prefer to search by voice.

What Are The Impacts Of Voice Search On SEO Strategies?

When thinking about voice search, we must remember that this technology changes three main factors in users’ behavior: how they search, where they search, and what they search. The keywords used in voice search have been much longer than in typing search. That’s because they bring a tone more like a real conversation. In other words, it’s a more human language and less a computer language.

Naturally, you answered the first sentence because that’s how you would say it if you were looking for information online. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business Note that we bring here the verb to speak as the central point of the question. And why do we emphasize this verb in the context of internet search? Because we are facing a solid trend in the digital world, which directly impacts SEO strategies. We are talking about voice search, or voice search, as it is known internationally.

Let’s go back to the example we brought up above. It shows that users are increasingly looking for humanization in their relationship with technology (content humanization is one of the 2019 trends for digital marketing). A person is much more likely to say, “What are the 2019 trends for digital marketing?” than “2019 digital marketing trends”.

This way, research becomes complete and is not limited to head or short tails. The more you explore the semantic field in content writing, the more value your content. It includes using words from the same family or interest group and answering questions using long tails. You can rank a single page for different voice searches by doing this. A Google report says people generally look for information and nearby establishments. In a worldwide context, searches with the expression “near me now” grew around 150%. Think that if a person is on the street and wants to eat when using the voice search, he will say, “Which restaurant is closest to me?” and click on the first results that appear. Or, if a customer searches for “Where is the furniture store closest to me?” they will find results that answer their question. If you own a business establishment, it is much more efficient to be ranked by Google when working the keywords “close to me” and “close to me” in your content. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

How To Improve Keyword Usage From Voice Search?

  1. Develop keywords with more natural language, just as a person would speak. Remember that the searchers are human beings and not robots.
  2. Since the idea is to simulate a conversation, develop longer keywords in spoken sentence format, with about five words or more.
  3. Invest in keywords in the form of questions. If a person doubts something, it is more common for him to do a voice search with questions than to state something. At this point, consider that the words “who,” “where,” “what,” “when,” and “how” are used a lot. So, insert these words into your content essay.

What Are SEO Strategies To Optimize Content For Voice Search?

Produce content with a more human and natural voice and always clear language. If your content needs to be more detailed or technical, break it into smaller chunks so anyone quickly understands it. For your website to rank up on the Google page, in the snippet feature, produce a concise paragraph, with up to 29 words, with information on your main content. Google quickly reads site sections containing hashtags, lists, and topics. Also, be sure to include long-tail keywords in the snippet feature.

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