I imagine that as an entrepreneur you are, autonomous and independent, you will be interested in knowing everything you need to increase sales, so that your sales take off, right? You will want to know what is necessary to sell and, what is more important, to sell more quantity and to continue selling more time. One product or several products, whatever they are.

So we have to start at the beginning: to have good sales (and keep having them in time) we need to create a unique product, something that gets your customers to not think twice when buying. And you will say: yes, I know the theory, but how do I do it, how do I create a unique product?

Well, that is what we are going for. The objective of this article is to show you WHAT REQUIREMENTS YOU MUST MEET FOR A UNIQUE PRODUCT TO SELL. Or in other words, what you should emphasize or where you should work.

Before telling you what it would be good to do, I’m going to tell you what it would not be good to do, from my point of view.

What I would never do is adopt a low price strategy. Why? Because it can be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow and because most likely it is not sustainable in your company, if you are and independent entrepreneur (and I guess small). That it is not sustainable means that you lose money.

Make no mistake: low cost products or services are something that only large consolidated companies can afford, I would almost say multinationals. The others, if we apply them, we die in the attempt (and if we do not die today, we will die tomorrow).


1.- To add value. That is, it has to have a utility or benefit for the client. How is this benefit manifested? In which a problem solves him or a desire satisfies him. And when choosing between both, the products that solve problems are better sold to those that satisfy desires, because the former carries the urgency, the need, while the latter are associated with pleasure. You can go without pleasure, but you cannot go without solving a need.

2.- Be different from what already exists. If to create a product copies or simply examine what there is already to do something similar, something like that, obviously the product will not be unique. Keep in mind that the fact that someone works something, does not mean that it will work for you too. A unique product cannot be more than what already exists. It’s about creating something new that

  • Will solve a problem that did not exist before,
  • Will solve a problem that existed before but do it in a different way,
  • Will increase the pleasure and well-being of people in a different way.

3.- Focus on a very specific market niche. As I have hinted at sometimes, the products for everyone are products for anyone. And if here we are dealing with unique products, these should be directed to unique people, who belong to very specific market niches.

If you sell what everyone sells where everyone sells it, you will not sell or sell very little, because you are trying to highlight where there is brutal competition, and you just arrived!

So, let us be realistic: do not try to create something that works for everyone. Focus on selling something unique and for specific needs where there is less competition.

This is a very powerful selling and positioning strategy. I have developed it more in this other article that I recommend not to lose: how to get more benefits where there is less competition.


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