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Online Hiring Events 101 - Complete Controller

Candidate experience endorses the recruitment process of any company. Potential employees judge a company based on the hiring process and the professionalism that adds to the procedure.


A positive candidate experience will validate your company’s culture. Similarly, a negative experience will go against your company’s image and demotivate potential candidates to apply to your company. We have listed the top five tips in this blog to help you improve the candidate experience at online hiring events. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business


Assess Your Existing Candidate Experience


Analyze your current candidate experience before jumping on to the remote hiring process. Ensure to closely assess every interaction you have with your candidates in your onsite hiring process and decide whether it would be beneficial if replicated in the remote process or not.


Update your job offerings in a timely; remove any outdated job offerings. Anyone seeking a position already filled but listed vacant on your careers page may disappoint a job seeker who puts his time and energy into searching and applying for the job only to discover that the position is wrongly listed there.


Connect with the Candidate


Always remember that the online hiring event depends on how you host it. The amount of input that goes into betterment by you and your company decides your interest in hosting the candidate.


You can give real-world experience to your remote candidates by connecting them to the office environment so that they get comfortable and have an excellent interview experience. 


You may inspire job seekers by telling them more about your company and its employees via illustrations, graphs, and videos to let them connect and learn more about the company. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits


Engaging Online Interviews


The art of engaging the candidate in an intriguing interview offers a beneficial edge to the company. Conduct an ice-breaking session before you start asking questions of the candidate. 


In the case of a recorded interview, record yourself asking personalized questions rather than offering the candidate a written set of questions. Not only will it be more engaging, but it also gives clients a more customized experience.


Follow-up Communication


The worst thing that goes wrong with most recruiters is the ghosting after a candidate finishes his interviews. HR contacts the selected candidates to tell them about their selection and guide them through further procedures. However, they do not get the ones who do not pass the interview phase. 


Even sometimes, when the candidates approach HR for their results, they do not communicate with them. This habit damages the company’s reputation irreparably, so HR must avoid following this practice. 


Regardless of the result, HR should always follow up with the candidate. Tell him about the reasons behind their selection or rejection. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now


Remote Employee Onboarding


Onboarding is one of the essential parts of the hiring process that goes into a new hire’s excitement and content. This part is especially crucial for remote candidates, as onboarding lets them understand the company’s culture and devise a strategy to blend in.


Remote onboarding is more challenging than onsite onboarding, as it requires more documentation and has more stages and complications than the traditional onboarding experience. Ensure to introduce the new hires to their manager, team members, and relevant staff.


Onboarding does not end in a day; it may last from weeks to a month or two, depending on the candidate’s roles and other elements. Proper communication is necessary to eliminate roadblocks during onboarding if the candidate requires a training session. 




Online hiring events can be messy if not appropriately overseen and may lead to a company’s bad image. You may improve a candidate’s experience at an online hiring event by following the tips we shared in the blog and ensuring the candidates get a good impression of the company through its hiring process. A good hiring event leads to positive word of mouth, placing a company in the community’s good books.

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