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Human resource policies are essential to support the business structure of the corporation. Human resources is a department that is meant to be the bridge between upper management and employees. The organization uses different Human Resource Management policies to improve employees’ productivity. Some of them are illustrated below.  Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  • Appropriate pay, rewards, and benefits: The management understands the workforce’s needs and interests. For this purpose, the compensation must be suitable enough for the duties and their job responsibilities.

Furthermore, the organization is focused on acknowledging its employees’ efforts and providing appropriate benefits and rewards. The working time and hours are also set up as the standard time determined in different regions where the organization operates. All these policies are used to protect the individual rights of the employees.  

  • Equality and dismissal: Equality in the workforce is essential, and the workers in the Emirates should have equal rights. They all are equal in the sight of the management. This also illustrates that dismissal policies for lower-level employees should be similar to that for higher-level employees. The dismissal policy is based on the standards set up in the labor regulation, and the management is not entitled to dismiss the employees for personal reasons. The means of dismissal determine that unethical practices of employees and unsatisfactory behavior can lead to the release of the job. This allows employees to feel safer in their position even if they feel they are not liked by a superior. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault
  • Workforce well-being: Emirates considers the well-being of employees and determines that workplace policies are essential to cater to employee health and safety needs. In this stance, the rules can prevent the organization from harassment and bullying issues. These can affect the morale of employees and prevent them from working effectively. This is one of the most critical issues, and Emirates takes legal action against the employees who conduct this type of unethical activity to harm the confidence level of other employees. 

These human resource policies are pivotal to improving the performance of the company, along with maintaining change and innovation in the organization to achieve the organizational mission. 

The corporation’s human resource department needs to conduct practical work to ensure the repercussion of adequate and appropriate regulatory policies. Emirates is running its effective business operation in many international forums because of which the human resource of Emirates Airline needs to consider various legislations and regulations of the countries where Emirates Airline is running their business functions. The corporation’s human resource needs to provide efficient consideration of different employee legislation, as avoiding these set regulatory policies by the governing bodies of the countries may force Emirates Airlines to face legal consequences. Following are the general regulatory policies implemented by the human resource of Emirates Airlines: CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

  • The employment act: The corporation must opt for various strategies that can provide efficient assistance from which factors causing discrimination in the selection and recruitment process can be eliminated. In the organization, it is the responsibility of the human resource to form an environment in which equal rights should be delivered to everyone. Discrimination based on gender, religion, status, sexual orientation, or disability should not be considered. Equal opportunities should be provided to all individuals, and the only factor of effective and productive performance should be considered.
  • The sex discrimination act: Corporations should provide an operative path to everyone without considering their gender or sexual orientation. It can be concluded that avoiding sex discrimination can cause corporate legal consequences. The human resource effectively finds the act of sex discrimination; special care and benefits are provided to the pregnant woman, for instance, sufficient paid holidays.
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