How to work with dissatisfied customers?

Are you lost in the midst of so many complaints from your customers and do not know what to do? Take a deep breath and read these tips we prepared to help you.

Reread the briefing

For those who do not know what we are talking about, a briefing is a kind of profile of your client. It is made with care and a lot of studies and is an element to help you produce an article for a specific company.

In case your text is rejected, one of the possible reasons for that is that it is not correctly aligned to the client’s profile. Read the available information and look at:

  Company data    

Know the organization you are working for! Find out what your goals are with the blog, how many years it has been on the market and what is the product or service you offer. Thus, you will not write anything that goes against the philosophy or the objectives of the company in question.


This is a topic related to the profile of the customer’s customers. Here are the data: age, profession and why that institution can be attractive to them.

It is essential that you pay attention to these aspects to produce an interesting and productive text for these people. Without this information, you run the risk of writing an article that does not suit the taste of the company.


Without any doubt, language is a very important factor! When you are writing a text for a company, it is as if you were speaking for it.

For that reason, it would not be at all prudent to represent a company using inappropriate language. To avoid that problem, read what writing tone you need to use. Whether it should be casual, objective or formal, for example.

Trust the pitch

Just as the briefing is a kind of writing about the company to which the service is being offered, the pitch is the skeleton of your text. Keep reading to discover the things you should pay attention to when you read the pitch:


The description of a pitch contains everything that cannot be missing in the text. It goes from the keywords to the main focus of the article. Pay attention also to the way you should refer to the brand, so you do not end up making propaganda!


The references are there to be used. Generally, they are texts addressed to the same profile or with a similar content that can be used as a basis for your article.

That said, be careful not to copy other sites textually. Certainly, they are not paying you to do a copy / paste of another article on the Internet.

Be patient

This is not the time for you to be arrogant or disqualify your bad mood for a difficult day over someone. Success to get out of this complicated situation with your client depends mainly on your ability to listen, adapt and evolve.

Many people forget the most obvious and consistent procedure in these situations, which is to ask: “What happened?”. Open the dialogue, listen to what the client has to say and get the information you need to offer a productive solution.

If you want to convince someone that they should give you a second chance, show that you are really concerned about the situation, be calm and try to understand the reason for their dissatisfaction. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and do not forget these fundamental qualities:

Punctuality and efficiency

When it is possible to solve the problem immediately, do it. The longer you spend, the worse, because the customer’s dissatisfaction will continue to rise. Show that you are always ready to solve any problem and always meet deadlines!

Humility and wisdom

Learn from your mistakes to avoid future claims. The best way to work the problems is in a preventive way.

Do not forget that if a certain claim is being repeated very frequently, you probably have something to correct. Thus, the secret to getting out of this situation is to face the error as an opportunity to improve and take care that it does not happen again. Always have the humility to recognize your faults and the wisdom not to repeat them.


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