How to Use a Press Release Campaign to Improve Your SEO

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When trying to optimize the visibility of a website, we only think of adopting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approaches exchange links, online advertising, content writing, etc. We often forget the most obvious means of visibility, like the press relationship. However, launching a PR campaign can have positive effects on your website and SEO.

The press relationship, or PR, will designate all the processes allowing a brand or a company to have press coverage. For example, if you contact a local newspaper to talk about you, you are in a press relationship.

The two types of press relations can be distinguished here:

  • The classic press relationship: who will be speaking to journalists and traditional media.
  • The web press relationship: which will rely more on bloggers, social networks, and websites. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

In general, marketing professionals are wary of the press relationship for one simple reason: it is not a means of promotion but communication. Indeed, the press is primarily interested in useful information, which may be of interest to the public. Therefore, it must be understood that a PR campaign will not necessarily present your products but your business. It is, therefore, a way of improving its reputation rather than selling its products.

Can a small business afford the press relationship?

Often, small businesses do not care about traditional media relations, and for a good reason. The rate of news agencies is high and will not be within reach of a relationship in full launch. However, we must know how to use the small-scale press relationship. Thus, even an independent entrepreneur with limited means can be successful in getting an interview in a local newspaper or television.

Press relations take time and require some know-how. The ideal will always be to refer you to professionals of the press relationship. They will be able to accompany you in all the steps necessary for a press relationship campaign:

  • Writing press releases
  • Contact with journalists
  • Setting up press conferences Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

One of the most important elements for a PR specialist is the network. For good feedback, you will need to know and identify the media that can talk about your business. If your activity is mostly based on the web, it does not necessarily mean that press relations will be useless for you. Indeed, a website can have many interests to be talked about in traditional media:

Media Coverage

It is always good to see your company cited in traditional media. Indeed, the mention of a website on trusted media can always reassure a prospect.

If your website has caught the attention of a journalist, it can give it a certain cachet. Therefore many professionals do not hesitate to mention directly on their sites the media that spoke about them.


If we talk about your website, it means that it is an important player in your sector. It is no coincidence that product advertisements continue to display the words “Seen on TV” to guarantee quality.

The advantage of being mentioned in a press article or on television is that the consumer will have no suspicion as to the veracity of the information presented to him. This will not necessarily be the case if we only talk about you on blogs or news release sites. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Internet Links

Today, almost all the print media have a website. Thus, it is not uncommon for a newspaper article to also be broadcast on the web. Therefore, a good press relationship campaign will arrange for the journalist to add a link to the site referred directly in the content of his article. However, links from press sites often have a beneficial impact on the SEO of a website. This is the opportunity to optimize your SEO and increase your popularity. Also, many satellite news sites can take articles deemed interesting in print or web. Thanks to this, you always generate more links and popularity to your website.

The Creation of Interest

Finally, press relations can create interest in your brand or product. If your website is mentioned in a specialized article consulted by your target audience, chances are it will generate interest. As a result, your website benefits from more direct traffic and quality traffic. Visitors from online or offline press articles will tend to stay longer on your site and visit more pages. It is good to remember that user behavior on your site is one of the biggest SEO criteria. If the press brings you quality traffic, it may have a beneficial effect on your SEO.

What is the impact of Press Relations on SEO?

The traditional press relationship has a limited impact on SEO as it will be primarily for your interest to make you known and strengthen your image. On the other hand, more and more PR specialists are also moving towards a digital approach. It is then a matter of writing press releases with optimized content and making the client talk about reference sites (including the websites of traditional newspapers). The ideal is to make yourself talk offline and use all the media to generate positive effects on your SEO and your reputation.

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