How to Take a Vacation: A Guide for the Small Business Owner

Take a Vacation - Complete Controller

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. But for the small business owner, the idea of leaving the business alone for any length of time could be stressful. However, it is recommended that you get away and recharge your batteries to keep strong for the good of the business. With careful planning, you can leave the business for a few days or even weeks and actually enjoy yourself. Here is a short guide to help you make plans to take a peaceful vacation while preventing your business from falling apart in your absence.Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Sorry, We’re Closed

If your business has no other employees to run it while you’re away, you can close for the duration of your vacation. Does that sound too easy? There are some additional steps you can take to ensure you still have customers to come back to when you return.

  • Inform regular customers of your absence via email, text, or call. This personal touch will make your regular customers feel cared for and ensure they will be there when you return.
  • Set your business email to an automatic reply that you are away and will reply upon return.
  • If you have a storefront, hang a closed sign in the window or on the door.

Some things to remember for security, don’t be too specific on the times you will be gone, especially with the closed sign. Also, if you have a walk-up business, make sure you secure any valuables at home. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Ask Someone to Business-Sit

If you don’t have employees, if you have a trusted family member or friend that can take care of business while you’re gone, this will ensure you keep the business going while getting that much-needed R & R. Having a friend or family member that is not regularly involved with your business run it in your absence is only suggested if your business is uncomplicated or will suffer in your absence.

Much like when you have someone house-sit, you can leave detailed instructions on how to handle the business. Providing written instructions along with providing checklists will ensure everything will run smoothly while you’re away. Though it is recommended that you go off the grid to truly benefit from the break if leaving your business with a friend or family member you may want to have your phone on for emergencies.

Let an Employee Take Over

Ideally, if you have any employees, they would be able to run the business in your absence. If you have a trusted employee that can take care of business while you enjoy your vacation, leave them to it.  Your absence is an opportunity for your employees to show what they can do without you around. If it goes well, you may take more time off or even promote an employee to manage your business and open up time to pursue other ambitions. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Make it a Mini-Vacation

Sometimes all you need is a small amount of time away from the business to recharge your batteries. Instead of taking a week or two-week vacation or traveling far, limit the time and distance. Sometimes a long weekend, day-trip, or staycation at home are all you need to get some much needed time away. Keeping it close or short would minimize the impact on your business operations.


Vacations are a must, especially for small business owners, as they are typically working more hours a day than anyone. Many will not take time off for fear that the business will suffer in their absence. This short guide shows that you can take a vacation and keep your business safe while relaxing and destressing. Just be sure to take lots of pics to share!

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