How to Set Up a Franchise?

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If you are determined to start, setting up a franchise can be a great idea. It is an exciting option both for those looking to make a living opening a business and those who have some savings and want to make a profitable investment.

First, you should know that the operation of a franchise consists of business collaboration between two parties. One is the franchisor, the company that created the brand, and the other is the franchisee, which would be you. An autonomous society that wants to open an establishment with the support of a brand already consolidated.

The agreement between the two parties is generated by a contract that establishes specific image standards, sales targets or business strategies, and the franchisee’s payment of a fixed or variable amount. Exit Advisor

Why do you want to open a franchise?

Setting up a business of this type has many advantages, which we could summarize in three main aspects:


If you have wanted to start for a long time, one of the obstacles you have encountered is likely finding a good business idea. Luckily, when opening a franchise, this work is already given. This and many other initial steps you must take to create a company, such as developing the business plan, managing suppliers and sales, the design of the image, etc.  

Lower risks

When you open a franchise, you support a consolidated brand and the security of a business idea that has already proven its operation. In addition, you have the know-how (knowledge), training, and assistance of an experienced company. This means that the adventure’s chances do not go as you expected are much lower than when you start from scratch. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Greater competitiveness

Being backed by a brand allows you to specialize in a sector and compete on equal terms with large stores. You facilitate growth concerning more local businesses.

Tips for setting up a franchise

Despite all these benefits, launching a franchise also has risks and disadvantages. You cannot forget that it requires an essential economic investment and limits the business’s independence. Therefore, you must reflect and make a good decision. For this, we recommend the following:

Choose the franchise that best suits you

You will be one of the most complex points. And in 2015, 1232 franchise brands operated in our country, as the report the franchise in Spain points out. First, think about the sector: fashion, food, hospitality. From there, research the brands of the field you have chosen. You must evaluate the canon they offer, your obligations as a franchisee, the proven experience of the brand, profitability, and future options.

Negotiate the contract

When the time comes, he asks specialized lawyers to help him review the contract and negotiate it with the other party. The goal is for both of you to win. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Find the perfect location

The situation can determine the success or failure of the business. Hence, you should study very well in which place you should put the franchise. Although much of the research work has already been given to you, you cannot neglect this point.

Find a way to finance yourself

Suppose you have the money, perfect. If not, beyond the traditional financing in the bank, you should ask for loans to friends and family, in addition to public subsidies. Try to save everything you can.

And, above all, do not rush

We know that it is challenging to stop the entrepreneurial impulse but setting up a franchise requires time. You must think carefully about each decision and each movement, so keep looking for options if you are not entirely sure.

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