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What is HUD housing?

HUD stands for The Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD offers housing properties in various forms including rental houses, high-rise apartments, and condominiums. In a conducted research, around 12 million families lived in HUD housing units in 2012. Due to a large number of houses accommodated in HUD, it is very rare to see a unit managed by HUD itself.

HUD housing offers federal funding for around 3000 local agencies in the USA. Alongside, HUD provides the required funds that are needed in planning, building, and managing all public housing units.

How to qualify for HUD housing?

The conditions that an individual has to meet in order to qualify for HUD housing are as follows:

  1. The individual should be elderly
  2. The individual should be disable
  3. The individual should have a low income

Different Types of Low-Income Housing Facilities

The two main types of low-income housing facilities are public housing and Section 8 program (HUD). Both of these are types overseen by HUD which helps cover both types. Public housing units are managed by local housing authorities, which then offer these properties for rent at lower rates for families with a low income. The section 8 program offers vouchers for low-income families to make up for the difference between the maximum rent calculated by HUD and the amount that the families with low income can afford to pay.

Income Limits are Specified to Location

HUD makes it possible for low-income families to buy or rent these properties at 30%, 50%, and 80% of the median figure. The houses are categorized at the following levels:

  1. Houses for low-income families
  2. Houses for very low-income families
  3. Houses for families with extremely low income

Proof of Income Documentation

In order to complete the qualification procedure for HUD housing, an individual needs to verify where their income is coming from. IRS tax returns and receipts for recently spent money can be used for further clarification. To maintain eligibility, HUD checks the income documents of an individual on an annual basis once they qualify for Section 8 or public housing. HUD agencies maintain bookkeeping records to keep a check on all clients that have opted to work with.

Families can qualify for HUD housing when they have a low income overall. Agencies dealing with HUD housing have specific income limits for people who can qualify for their schemes.  Mostly, the individual is able and likely to qualify if his/her income is lower than 80 percent of the general income of the city and state that they reside in. Housing agencies provide a minimum of 75% of the funding to applicants and around 30% of the median income of an area.

The housing choice vouchers program provides renters with financial assistance that is used to secure a house in the private rental market. An individual must first contact the public housing agency (PHA) if he/she falls under the HUD housing eligibility criteria.

How to apply for HUD housing?

In order to apply for HUD housing, an application has to be submitted to the local housing agencies that operate in the area where the individual is residing. The application consists of the following:

A- Current contact information for the applicant

B- The circumstances of the family, including the amount that the family earns

C- The contact information of all t\previous landlords

D- The estimated income for the next 12 months

After the housing agency receives the application, they often visit the current home in which the applicant is residing in to evaluate how effectively that house is taken care off.


The individuals looking forward to opting for HUD should be legal immigrants or residents of the United States. Housing agencies may also check with any previous landlords to ensure that the individual does not have any negative history of being an unreliable tenant.

HUD housing agencies are allowed to deny any applications of individuals with a negative history as they risk having a bad effect on the household offered by the housing agency. Income limits vary according to location and families, so it is not absolute that, if an individual does not qualify for one agency, he will not be able to qualify with another agency.

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