How to Obtain a Loan That is Right for Your Needs

Obtaining a Loan - Complete Controller

At some time or another in your life, you may need to take out a loan. The average person doesn’t have the funds to make large purchases such as a car or home in most cases. Also, unless you start saving for your child’s education at birth, most people don’t have the funds to pay for college, especially for more than one child.

You may also have the spirit of an entrepreneur and want to start a business but lack the funds to do it without financial backing. Whatever the reason you may need to get financing, getting a loan will depend on many factors, and understanding different types of loans will be the first step in ensuring you get the right loan for your needs. Here are three types of loans and how to obtain them. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


A personal loan is generally used to make purchases such as a car, major appliances, luxury items, and other significant purchases other than a home. Personal loans are relatively easy to obtain if you have decent credit but can carry higher interest rates.

When getting a personal loan, you need to determine the need for the loan. Because the interest rates are generally higher, you need to decide if the reason for the loan is worth the extra cost. If the reason for the loan is not an emergency purchase, you may want to consider saving for the item and making the purchase once you have saved enough to pay upfront or put more down on the item to lower the payments and interest rate. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Most adults, especially those starting a family, will at some point consider purchasing a home. What separates a mortgage loan from a personal loan is that a mortgage loan is in a class of its own, and the interest rates are typically less than that of other types of loans.

This long-term loan has nuances that personal loans may not have. While a personal loan will have a higher interest rate, it is handled differently if you default on the loan. If a mortgage loan goes into default, the lending institution will foreclose on the home and take it back to sell and recoup the remaining amount and, in some cases, make a profit.

In addition to losing your home, you will have a foreclosure on your credit which will stay with you for a long time and can be challenging to overcome when trying to obtain loans or other lines of credit in the future. Therefore, your mortgage payments must be your number one priority when you make payments.

Mortgage loans also often have more terms within the contract, so you must have a professional that will advocate for you during the purchasing process. It is recommended that you take your time reading the fine print because some of the terms can put your purchase in peril even if you pay on time for the most part. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


A commercial loan is a loan taken out by a company or a business owner to go towards business operations, supplies, equipment, or any other business needs. Often, commercial loans are taken out by new businesses at startups. However, these types of loans can be taken out at any stage of the business.

Multiple factors make a commercial loan unique in comparison to other loans. Often, to obtain a commercial, the business owner or accountant will need to provide the lender with a business plan with a heavy focus on the financial aspects of the business. There will need to be projections and detailed accounting for where the money will be used and how the commercial loan will be paid back.

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