How to Measure The Impact of Digital Marketing

Impact of Digital Marketing - Complete Controller

Digital marketing is more and more present in the life of a company. It is challenging to face competition and meet new consumer expectations if a company has not started its digital transformation.

Whether we are talking about natural or paid referencing, presence on social networks, e-mailing, or development of mobile applications, companies today are aware that they must bet on digital marketing. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

However, it is still difficult for some to understand the real challenges of digital marketing and especially to measure its impact when implemented. We invite you to learn more about what e-marketing can bring to a company today and understand which axes must be monitored to measure its effects.

The role of digital marketing

To understand the role and challenges of digital marketing or e-marketing, you must first understand what it encompasses. Too often restricted to the Internet, digital marketing concerns all digital technologies: computers, tablets, smartphones, video games, interactive terminals, etc.

Digital marketing is an area comprising many sub-categories, each with its specificities and its fields of application. When we talk about natural or paid referencing, we refer, for example, to a site’s editorial content, which will be devoted to mobile applications.

Although truly diverse, each category of digital marketing aims to:

  • Improve brand visibility and traffic.
  • Improve the image and the reputation of a brand.
  • To increase its turnover. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Many companies have thus understood the major issue of a digital transition in their marketing strategy: presence on social networks, content creation, web analysis, etc. Many tools now make it easy to implement effective digital marketing strategies.

If he does not want to train himself, he can call on experts in this field: web writers, community managers, data scientists, etc.

A difficult impact on understanding and measure

But then, is it possible to measure the impact of digital marketing? Can the effects of a web marketing strategy be monitored and measured? Is it possible to discern which strategies work and which ones deserve improvement?

According to a study, a large majority of the companies surveyed say they cannot successfully measure the impact on sales of digital marketing. The field of social networks comes first among the various parameters that are difficult to control. Only the e-mailing campaigns seem to be a little better managed.

Many reasons explain this difficulty in measuring the impact of e-marketing and digital activity:

  • Difficulty following the customer’s journey through various digital channels
  • Lack of resources and data necessary for analysis
  • Lack of skills

This lack of control is often explained by a lack of means put in place. If a marketing strategy is born within a company, you must realize that surrounding yourself with professionals in this field is a real asset or a vital element. Indeed, to ensure the success of marketing, you have to put all the chances on your side. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Suppose specific tools offer analyses to understand the behavior of the visitor better. In that case, they very often deserve certain skills to decipher the results and discern the strong and weak points. Fortunately, there are solutions: the data scientist or data analyst.

The objective of these experts is to give meaning to the various data resulting from the analyses to help the company make strategic decisions. They are notably responsible for designing models and algorithms to collect and process traffic-related data and ultimately be able to run an effective digital campaign.

Thanks to their skills, their analyzes, and their professional efficiency, they will be able to identify:

  • Purchasing or consumption trends
  • Develop a typical customer profile
  • Determine customer expectations

Digital marketing affects people’s interactions related to work, habits, and purchases. It has a profound impact on traditional marketing ways.

Thus, digital marketing can considerably impact a business by increasing its visibility and by changing its number of customers and its turnover. However, it is necessary to set up monitoring and control so that its effectiveness is maximized.

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