How to Market a Small Startup

Market a Small Startup - Complete Controller

What would a company be without marketing? Marketing is a fundamental tool for any company at any level. Do not be disappointed with the false idea that marketing is synonymous with television ads. This discipline goes much further.

Then we will discuss a few marketing tips, and you can start up those ideas that flutter in your head for your company and that, for some reason or another, have remained just that. While it is true that marketing strategists and advertising analyze insights to know their consumer audience and generate campaigns capable of creating needs, it is also clear that the consumer is no longer seduced so easily. Four out of ten users of smartphones or smartphones are looking for and being informed of some product directly online to acquire it later, for example. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

It means that people with this technology tend to research the product in the network before purchasing it. If the information does not convince you or does not meet your expectations, it could be the decision between choosing our product or not.

Another curious fact is that most people who ask for help, ask a question, or consult expect to receive information almost immediately. Waters!

A recent IBM study among 1,700 leaders in marketing revealed that 32% were not ready for the changes already manifesting in their areas of operation, in contrast to the 48% who said yes, be prepared for the challenges that it will present in the next five years.

  • Use several means to advertise. Do not focus on a single medium; if you can invest in mass media such as television and radio, do not focus on a single space. The schedule of your ads varies from time to time. Download A Free Financial Toolkit
  • Use direct mail. Although digital media is booming, do not forget the effectiveness of physical mail, which produces good results with the right message to the target audience.
  • Use a newsletter. Your website provides the opportunity for your customers to subscribe to the news you provide. Undoubtedly, the newsletter is a tool that will help you to reinforce the message you want to send to your clients.
  • Email Marketing. Remember to use personalized email: do not send mass emails. You will see that you will get better results if you send individual emails. Always keep your list updated. Remember to get feedback on each campaign you use.
  • Impeccable customer service. It is the most crucial thing and begins with answering the phone correctly. When a client has a problem, you must solve it as quickly as possible. It is essential to focus on the client. There is no other day to solve problems: today or never!
  • Works of charity. We do not necessarily have to make monetary donations, but we can give our time to help organizations. Remember that the focus is not on your company but on an organization that makes a difference by helping others.
  • Participate within your community. Be part of your community, help others, and show your human side to build a company’s positive image. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault
  • Maintain a blog. It is an excellent way to get to know our clients and their thoughts. We can also reduce the distance between the company and the client. Take time to read the comments left by your customers and resolve your questions, complaints, or comments. It is a simple tool, but at the same time, potent; take advantage of it.
  • Turn your business into 2.0. Create Twitter and Facebook, and take some time to learn how to use them with all your possibilities, participate and learn. Take advantage of the new opportunities offered by new technologies.
  • Use your imagination. If you, more than anyone, know the market, the business, and your customers, dare to innovate, do not be one of the bunches, and be different. With your collaborators, try to create a new way to attract more clients, and you will see that you will obtain magnificent results.
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