How to Improve Your Google Ranking Quickly

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Money can’t buy happiness; similarly, money can’t believe Google’s ranking. Although cash can help attain some rank, it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you need to rank higher. Along with the investment, you also need a proper strategy to improve Google ranking and appear at the top in search engine result pages (SERP).

Ways to Improve Google Ranking 

Here are some steps to improve your Google Ranking to help you achieve long-term success.

Know Google ranking algorithm: Exit Advisor Before proceeding with SEO strategies, you must know the algorithm and on what basis it ranks websites. Google usually announces significant updates, but the algorithm’s functioning is still questionable and unknown to many. Industry professionals and experts speculate on the considerable information.

Life would be easy if everyone knew how to rank higher without shortcut penalties and blacklisted SEO strategies. Anyone could attain the top position without putting in much effort. You could make it difficult for hardworking and honest people to succeed and follow Google’s mission and values.

Some major Google algorithm updates that can give us insights are:

  • Mobile-first Update: Googlebot monitors websites as smartphones and prioritizes the well-navigated ones.
  • Mobile-friendly Websites: Google supports mobile-friendly websites and penalizes those which don’t comply with this standard.
  • Pigeon: Leveraged local search results in Google, such as Google maps.
  • Hummingbird: Understands and considers Google search context and intent instead of typed words.
  • Penguin: Identified spammers and websites that buy inorganic links to rank higher.

You might wonder how you will track Google’s algorithm updates. Among several available databases, Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History is helpful for maintaining updates in chronological order.   Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  • Assess your current position

To attain a higher Google ranking, you need to know where your website is standing right now. You can use several tools to assess your site’s ranking.

Ubersuggest for keyword ranking: You can use Ubersuggest to track your keyword ranking if your content has specific keywords. After login, you need to go to “Competitor Report,” click on “Traffic Overview,” enter your domain, and a list of keywords will appear for which you are attaining a higher rank.

Keep track of your website’s speed: It is an essential element of Google ranking to keep updated with your website speed. If your site’s speed is lower, it will not attain a high search place, driving your customers away. Walmart’s conversion rate declined due to its site’s increased load time from one second to four seconds.

It doesn’t matter if your on-page SEO tactics are effective or not, but if your site takes time to load, the Google algorithm will not support it. Several tools can assess your page load speed, including Google PageSpeed Insights, Webpage Test, and YSlow browser extension, specifically for Yahoo and Pingdom Website Speed Test.   

Go to the website, enter your URL, choose a location, and start testing to use Pingdom. If your site attains numbers above 50, its speed is good enough, but you need to improve it if it is lower than 50.

Keep updated with your website’s health: After keyword ranking and the site’s speed, the website’s overall health is worth considering for Google ranking. You can use multiple tools to resolve the issue if your area experiences a sudden decline in its natural traffic. MXToolBox Domain Health Report Tool identifies the significant issues in the mail server, web server, general site problems, DNS, and blacklist. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

To check whether Google penalized your website or not, log in to Google Search Console and check out the “Security and Manual Actions Report.” If Google has taken any actions against your site, it will appear in a manual report.

  • Measure SEO metrics

SEO metrics are an essential factor to consider in improving Google’s ranking. Here are some critical metrics to which you must pay attention.

Organic traffic: This metric shows you the number of visitors that visit your website daily via Google. Paid ads, email, and social media generate organic traffic but vary according to industry standards. To keep track of the number of viewers on your site, you need to check out the Google Analytics acquisition channels report.

Traffic conversions: To analyze organic traffic, you need to pay attention to the keywords driving search traffic to your site. SERP Scan is a simple and valuable tool to identify traffic-generating keywords. It will show you the results of the past 12 months with an on-page SEO keyword performance chart.

Understanding the Google ranking is doubtlessly a difficult task but not an impossible one. Using the above-described keys of higher order can help you achieve your goal without getting penalized. One can improve their website’s search ranking by adequately implementing the steps.

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