How to Boost Your Business In One Year: The 365 Digital Ideas of QDQ Media

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Google, social networks, online videos, and applications are all part of the digital ideas from QDQ Media, a Microsoft advertising platform for business. That today the Internet has become a transforming force of both society and the business world is a fact. Moreover, the arrival of mobile devices and, soon, the large-scale penetration of the Internet of things and wearables will give a new twist to the way we relate to our environment, our needs, and, therefore, to the way of doing business.

For this reason, “think digital” has become a compulsory subject for any company or business, regardless of its size, sector, or budget, if its objective is to grow and consolidate in these times (and in which they are coming).

Fortunately (or unfortunately for those who do not yet understand the need to “change the chip”), the possibilities that the Internet makes available to small businesses to expand and grow their businesses are increasing. The network has managed to “democratize” the ability to reach our customers, breaking spatial and temporal barriers. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

And when we had to “change the chip,” we not only refer to that “change of mentality” that has to occur in traditional businesses to adapt to this new era dominated by digital environments, but also to companies born in the heart of This digital revolution, which must also be readjusted to the continuous changes of an industry that evolves day by day.

However, when addressing this task, large companies’ situation differs from those of small businesses and micro-SMEs, which have less economic resources to deal with them but, on the contrary, enjoy greater agility and ability to adapt to changes because their “machinery” is much less heavy.

Also, to address this task, small businesses have many resources at their disposal to help them make the leap to the Internet and achieve their business objectives through a digital strategy, from training resources and tools that can be found in the network itself to professional services from agencies and companies that have adopted both their services and their rates to these new small companies’ needs and pockets decided to immerse themselves in the digital era.

The digital ideas of QDQ media for your business

And although more and more agencies have veered part of their offer in this direction. A complete text is divided into 12 thematized chapters that, in turn, include 30 quick tips with digital marketing keys so that SMEs can have a recommendation for each day of the year on how to improve their performance in the network. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

It is the second publication dedicated to SMEs that the agency has put into circulation, collecting all the good practices and recommendations that it carries out in its daily work with small businesses and whose result can be collected in the opinions QDQ average of clients who have managed to give a new impetus to their business after their immersion in the digital world.

“With this second book, our goal is to offer a support manual for SMEs that helps them develop a complete digital strategy. Many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have been able to receive information about digital marketing. Still, in practice, they do not know how to implement it in their businesses “, explains the Marketing Director of QDQ media.

In this way, the publication gathers all the elements with which the digital strategy of an SME has to count and offers concrete answers and practical application to questions about web development, SEO, directories, search engine advertising, digital advertising, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, web analytics, social networks, digital content, online reputation or multi-site marketing. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

All in All

The best businesses are always looking for ways to improve. The best businessperson is ready to learn new things every day, whether improving the products or making the entire work process efficient for effective results. Please pay close attention to other organizations and competitors around you and learn from their achievements and failures.

A good businessman takes notes of others’ failures and takes them as lessons for their own business. Moreover, they not only take notes from the failures but from their success stories as well. Remember, it’s okay to fall, but get back up and keep trying, but don’t stop! Your success is right around the corner!

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