Field Data Strategies for Tradesmen

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Collecting, inspecting, and managing field data is no easy feat. It may take you days, weeks, or even months to gather field data from different sources using different means. Tradesmen usually have limited resources, which restricts them from hiring expensive teams who could accumulate field data on their behalf. However, not every business intelligence firm makes you lose a significant portion of your initial investment. Some firms can provide sufficient information to create a more comprehensive and informed decision about how you should proceed without having much to charge. Therefore, tradesmen must decide whether to collect field data independently or get help from external sources or consultants.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

There is a wide range of data collection tools that are readily available online that could help you out in many ways. Although field research varies across disciplines, you will still find a relevant tool that fits your business specifications and needs. Technological advancements have certainly revolutionized every sector of the corporate world. With fast internet and superior technological tools with real-time tracking, you don’t even need to leave your office. Your associates or on-site teams can record the field data on your behalf, allowing you to inspect and analyze it in your comfort zone while sitting in your office chair.

Conducting Field Research

Being a project head, it is not your duty to record every minor detail collected. Your on-site data collection team must be intelligent and competent enough to obtain accurate results from the field. The team must be able to see, observe, and visualize things to the best of their knowledge, skills, and potential. Moreover, the team must also show a sincere commitment to the job assigned to each team member because business projections and decisions will be based on the records and data collected by the field workers. A slight error or wrong projection can be costly to the tradesman.

Field Notes

Some people say that the age of manual recording of field data is over and has mostly been taken over by smart devices, tools, and mobile applications. Although recording data manually reveals the same results, recording data digitally allows your operation manager, who may be at some remote place, to track real-time updates. When conducting research, the on-site team needs to observe and record everything accurately so that the error-free data can be processed further.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

There are various methods by which a tradesman can collect field data. We have mobile devices, sensors, and drones at our fingertips regarding hardware possibilities.

Mobile or Smart Devices

Since the on-site team has to report everything from the field promptly and accurately, they find mobile or smart devices ideal for recording and processing live data. It is probably the most applied method used today for recording data. More than half of the Earth’s population has access to smartphones and devices, which means they can be accessed globally, making it ideal for multinational companies to monitor their extension projects from the head office. Since everyone possesses a smartphone, no hardware investments will be required to collect field data.


Although sensors may not be applicable for a preferred mode of data collection, we still can’t deny their usefulness to specific industries like the weather forecasting industry and others. For continuous data collection, sensors are considered ideal for recording, inspecting, analyzing, and deciding what to do with the record. Sensors are costly as they require hardware, software, and infrastructure investments in and around them.LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault


Using drones to collect field data is also a growing trend in many industries, such as mining, military, forestry, and exploration. Drones give you a bird’s eye, which can help you understand the place’s geography well. They can even go in and around those areas that are hard to travel to on foot. Buying drones is a one-time investment, but you can also hire professional drone players to collect essential field data.


In conclusion, navigating the challenges of field data collection demands strategic decisions by tradesmen. Balancing limited resources and exploring digital tools, sensors, and drones can enhance efficiency. Whether opting for independent data collection or seeking external support, smart choices ensure accurate insights for informed business decisions. The era of manual recording has evolved into a digital age, offering real-time tracking and global accessibility through mobile devices. The competency of on-site teams is crucial, as accurate field notes lay the foundation for precise data processing. Embracing technological advancements, from sensors to drones, allows tradesmen to revolutionize their approach, ensuring a cost-effective and seamless data collection journey.

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