How to be Smart and Wealthy Instead of Rich and Foolish

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Everyone dreams about getting rich, but it takes a lot of effort, patience, and sacrifices to reach that point. The world is full of inspirational success stories revolving around the smart and wealthy. Henry Ford, Ralph Lauren, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and J.K Rowling are the most prominent examples of rags-to-riches. These figures are an inspiration for people who dream about gaining wealth. They converted their time and energy into wealth with the proper planning and strategy.

To be rich is one thing, but to stay rich is an entirely different story. Not many people know the art of maintaining wealth, and they fall back to where they started. In worst cases, even lower than that.

These inspirational figures tell the world that it is possible to go from rags to riches. These examples of rich and foolish tell the world that it is very much possible to go from riches to rags. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Michael Jackson

Seeing the name of the king of pop music, Michael Jackson, must have come as a shock for many. But those who stay updated know the whole story. At the time of his death, Michael Jackson was US$500 million in debt. Soon the king of pop began to be referred to as the king of debt. The pop music legend lived an extravagant lifestyle, which brought him into the sea of debt and unpaid bills.

Mike Tyson

The most celebrated athlete of his time, Mike Tyson, is known for his exceptional boxing skills. He won the first 19 professional fights in a row. He came to be known as the Iron Mike. But his actions paved the way for his downfall very soon. He was arrested 38 times, and he was convicted of rape, for which he served three years in prison. He spent way more than he earned on massive mansions, jewelry, luxury cars, and pet tigers, and in 2003 he filed for bankruptcy. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Lindsay Lohan

The star of Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan, earned a great name, fame, and wealth in Hollywood. But her failure to handle the wealth made her a living example of disaster. Over 15 years of her career, she is reported to have earned $20 million. Her extravagant lifestyle and legal troubles have made it difficult for her to keep her head above the water.

These are the most prominent examples of wealthy people ending up broke due to bad financial decisions. Here are the traits of wealthy people that pave the way for their downfall.

Spending more than Earned

One of the primary reasons behind these celebrities and notable personalities end up broke was their extravagant lifestyle. These people did not keep track of their expenditures, which is what intelligent, wealthy people do. Exit Advisor

Instead of adopting conscious spending, these people spend way more than they earn. Mindful spending is a common practice among wealthy people. It is a strategy they use to maintain their wealth. Wealthy people spend only on their needs. Once their needs have been fulfilled, they move towards their wants. Their priority is their needs.

Wrong Investment Decisions

Investing in the wrong places is one of the most highlighted traits of people who go from rich to rags in no time. Not hiring an expert financial advisor and planner is the most significant mistake these people make, leading to wrong investing ideas.

Carefree Attitude

A carefree attitude is not a trait that will help people maintain their wealth. Getting into legal conflicts and living like they own the world is the biggest mistake a rich person can make. It takes thoughtful planning and strategy to work out ways to maintain their wealth. With a carefree attitude, things are bound to go in the wrong direction.

A person needs a full-fledged financial plan and a genius mind to stay wealthy. It is not what many people possess, which is a significant reason why only a few people stay on the top of the list of the wealthiest people in the world.

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