How Can a Financial Advisor Make Your Life Better?

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Almost everyone needs advice on finance management, but only a few people have the guts to ask for it. Whatever the case is, it is never too late to call out for aid when management gets tough. Every person carries the thought, “how can someone advise me on managing my own money” and financial advisors are the people with an answer.

Who are Financial Advisors?

The first thing is to get it straight that a financial advisor isn’t a professional title or a specialized degree; instead, it is a name given to experts who offer financial services. The people who provide such services can be found with specific qualifications like:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Personal Finance Specialist (PFS)
  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

With three years of experience, CFAs are better at dealing with mutual funds, stock analysis for banks and other institutes. However, they don’t work as financial planners for individuals. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

After gaining experience in the field, people with such certification are better at dealing with estate planning, insurance, taxes, and retirement planning.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

After clearing a stern test of their education, CPAs can help individuals with accounts, business services (acquisitions and mergers), consultation, and taxes.

Personal Finance Specialist (PFS)

CPAs gain PFS title after clearing a higher level of education and achieving significant experience in the field. PFS are financial advisors who are better at providing financial help to individuals, including where to invest and what you can gain a return on Investment (ROI) on some investments and so on.

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) 

RIAs are professionals who specialize in dealing with people’s assets with huge net worth. RIAs work to provide better financial profit to businesses in need. They further deal with commercial banks, endowment funds, hedge funds, and mutual funds.

Why Hire a Financial Advisor? Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Financial advisors are experts who help individuals to manage the money they earn. With the question still standing, “why to hire a financial advisor?” you can understand the answer with these reasons:

  • They know how to manage money better.
  • They are better at managing retirement plans.
  • They know where to invest.
  • They can manage long-term savings much better.
  • They have updates on an individual’s financial status.
  • They know how to use the money for intelligent purposes.
  • They are better managers of finance for health care.
  • They know how to manage taxation for their clients.
  • They know when to stop using the money for investment.
  • They can course a plan for major expenses (like children’s college fees).
  • They are aware of profit and loss that might occur due to specific investments.
  • They know when it is time to back off from investing and when to induce investment.
  • They know how to plan for long-term investments and are better judges of short-term investments. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

What do you get on hiring a financial advisor?

On getting help from financial advisors, an individual gets a lot of benefits which includes:


A person can make the best plan, but still, with an expert’s advice, nobody gets hurt. After consultation from a professional, an individual receives a higher sense of confidence in his plans.


Few people find it hard to take out time for financial planning. A healthy relationship with a financial advisor can give an individual a sense of freedom about handling other things than finance.


Money and life goals can be emotional subjects. However, a financial advisor is a person who can separate reality from a fairytale. Furthermore, with the help of a financial advisor, an individual gets knowledge about which asset is worth keeping and which is not. Living gives the best taste of life and knowing what is approachable and what is not gives a better advantage about what move to make next.


Managing money can be an exhausting job for some people. It gets overwhelming to grasp financial concepts, while others find it hard to make financial decisions. With the help of a financial advisor, such people get relief from their stress as now they know that their financial troubles are in safe hands.

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