Good Reasons to Have Life Insurance

Good Reasons to Have Life Insurance- Complete Controller

Navigating the world of financial planning involves understanding the myriad options available, and life insurance stands out as a versatile and secure choice. The availability of funds, freedom of payment, security, diversity, and tax advantages make life insurance a compelling investment. This comprehensive guide explores the various facets, from the flexibility in managing your funds to the tax benefits and the seamless transmission of assets to beneficiaries.

Whether you opt for cash value, universal life, level term, or whole life insurance, the ultimate goal remains consistent – securing financial stability for your loved ones. Many people have been approached about using life insurance as an investment tool. Most of them need clarification about making the right choice. They are primarily trying to decide whether to go for a life insurance plan or drop it by considering it insignificant. Join us in exploring the multifaceted benefits that life insurance brings, ensuring peace of mind and strategic wealth management.

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Here are nine essential reasons for picking up a life insurance plan.

Availability of Funds

The funds on your contract are not blocked. You are allowed to make specific changes and thoroughly review the terms and conditions. You can remove all or part of it according to your needs. Your savings are accessible at any time.

Freedom of Payment

Save at your own pace. Either by scheduling regular payments or making one-off payments, your call. Another possibility: free prices. They will allow you to pay the money you want when you want it.


A life insurance policy is an investment with guaranteed capital, just like a revert. Through life insurance, you get a good sense of security. It also provides financial protection.

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More and more contracts are multi-support contracts, allowing for varying their investments. Companies generally offer different management profiles to make your savings dynamic depending on the risk rate you are ready to take.


Despite increased taxation in recent years, life insurance offers a higher return than other booklets, such as booklet A (0.75% for booklet A against a minimum of 2% for life insurance, depending on the profile chosen).


The tax is degressive depending on the age of the contract. That is why opening an agreement as soon as possible is advisable. Thus, only interest will be taxed during the contract’s life if you withdraw funds from your life insurance, not the capital invested.

In addition to the social security contributions (15.5%), these interests will be taxed according to the progressive schedule of the income tax or according to the flat rate withholding tax.

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Life insurance allows the transmission to a named beneficiary. Upon the death of the subscriber, the funds are paid to the designated beneficiaries and do not become part of the estate assets. In addition, tax benefits are also implemented when the subscriber dies:

In the case of payments made before the insured’s 70th birthday:

There is no taxation up to $ 152,500 per beneficiary beyond a flat rate of 20% is applied. Since 1 July 2014, a flat-rate tax rate of 31.25% has been involved in more than $ 700,000. In the case of payments made after 70 years of the insured, Exempt inheritance rights are all contracts with capitalized gains of less than $ 30,500. Beyond this, interest is subject to inheritance tax. Life insurance is an excellent way to manage your estate with a lower tax burden.

Free Choice of Beneficiaries

Life insurance allows you to manage a beneficiary without having to justify it freely. In complicated situations, it can sometimes be the solution to transmit a part of its heritage to a designated beneficiary.

Compatibility with Other Savings Products

Life insurance is rather complementary to other savings products. Compatibility allows you to diversify your wealth to reduce your risk exposure. Do not hesitate to request a personalized study from our consultant. Doing your research before getting into any commitments or agreements is good.

All in All

In conclusion, whether the policy includes cash value, universal life, level term, or whole life does not matter. The primary purpose of life insurance is to replace the primary breadwinner’s income. Get life insurance as soon as possible because once you enter your 60s, you may have to buy an expensive whole-life policy even if you want life insurance and are not locked into any term policy.

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