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In national currency, taxes are paid by individuals and legal entities and serve to subsidize government expenditures (federal, state, and municipal) on security, health, education, and investment in public works, such as hospitals and highways, etc. Governments collect taxes from individuals’ salaries, the assets of people or companies, services, or products. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Do You Know the Difference Between Taxes, Taxes, Fees, and Contributions?

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Taxes occur according to the state’s most appropriate decisions for the context.

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Tax on Service and Products

There is always a tax on services and products whenever the good or service provider makes a profit. It is a municipal tax, so there may be changes to some rules depending on the municipality the organization resides in. Still, generally speaking, it covers a long list of services that governments must tax. Some of them are:

  • Nutrition
  • dentistry
  • obstetrics
  • fairs, exhibitions, congresses, and similar
  • technical assistance
  • advocacy
  • collection in general
  • recruitment agencies and selection centers

Anyway, there are several types of services, so you don’t have to doubt whether the kind of service you offer is taxed. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Simple Tax Calculation on Products

Two variables affect the taxes: the amount charged for the service and the rate set by the specific municipality. After all, each city has its speed.

For example, if the service your company provides is worth 1,000 reais and your municipality’s tax rate is 2%, the bill should look like this:

1,000 x 2% = 20

This formula means that the amount collected by the Tax on Services, in this case, is 20%. Use the formula and replace it with the fundamental values ​​of your services and the tax rate for the municipality in question.

E-file for your tax

If you file your taxes, it is better to do so using an e-file. E-filing is one of the safest and fastest ways to record your taxes electronically from a single location and keep track of all your tax records. In the end, when you apply for a tax return, it will be easy for you. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Filing Status

It is one of the essential parts that helps you know the amount you pay for tax and how much you save. Therefore, keep checking your filing status regularly to avoid any penalties in case of missed deadlines.

Exemptions into Tax

If you contribute to society, you might be eligible for tax exemptions. As a result, some amount will be less than the total tax amount. For example, if you are married or have children, there will be a reduced amount to pay tax. For example, you apply for a tax exemption if you make $100,000 and pay 25% tax.

Consult with Accountant

You may see terms and get confused because there are some jargon and technical terms you are unfamiliar with. In that situation, you need the help of an accountant. Therefore, you must contact a good accountant who can help you better and solve your query professionally.

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