Factors to Consider When Seeking a Business-Friendly Bank?

Finding the right bank for your personal needs is different from searching for a business-friendly bank. Among the available choices, it can be hard to find the right bank that is best suited for your business needs. Banks differ in the kind of services they offer to businesses, and depending on the size of your business, you are allocated specific services. Lending options, credit limits, fees, and perks would vary among different banks, and you must seek out a business-friendly institution that meets your specific needs.

Factors to consider while choosing a business-friendly bank


When it comes down to banks, the size does matter. However, it is not hard and fast rule that if it’s bigger, it would be better. Sometimes small community banks are perfectly suited to your small business needs, instead of a national bank that charges high fees. Therefore, your business needs must be evaluated in accordance with the final selection. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Larger banks have many branches, as well as a variety of product offerings. They are the most resourceful among business-friendly banks and own stakes in many big companies. They can offer you multiple credit options and allow you to open many lines of credit. As much as they can help you grow your business faster, you would not want to get into trouble with big banks.

Smaller banks better when it comes to assessing local market conditions and are willingly able to work with local businesses. They take your business profile and character into consideration rather than your credit scores. It doesn’t mean that credit score is not a factor at all, just that it’s not the most important factor. Whatever bank you choose, strive to develop a personal relationship with your bank as it can significantly benefit you in the future by serving as a business-friendly bank for your business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Credit score

A credit score might not be such a significant factor for community banks. However, larger banks and creditors would look at the credit score of a business to decide if it’s worthy of lending a loan or other services. If your business is new and not fully established, the chances are that its credit score would not be enough to qualify for a loan at a big bank. In such a situation, you must look for alternative options such as online credit options and smaller banks.

Check the credit requirements of a bank before choosing to do business with them and ensure that credit terms fall into a business-friendly bank for you.

Digital needs

In this day and age, most of the business transactions are happening digitally, and there is hardly any cash involved for more significant transactions. If your business is more digitally dependent, than it would be wise to choose a bank that offers the best packages for online banking. Also, the ease of access is very important as banks must allow payments on the go via a cell phone or any other digital medium.

Not all banks rely on technology so heavily due to specific cybercrime incidents in the past. However, the latest security protocols are continuously being developed to overcome these concerns. Certain banks have moved on from the traditional banking approach and are even accepting transactions in bitcoin and ethereum and various other cryptocurrencies.   Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Services that business-friendly bank should offer

Every bank has a unique set of services. However, there are certain basic services that every bank must have to be counted as business-friendly. These services include

  • Checking account
  • Saving account
  • Online business banking
  • Checkbooks
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Employee checking accounts
  • Deposit only services

All these services may be offered free, or there might be any fee for them as it depends on the bank. Most of the mentioned services are usually provided free of charge or at a minimum fee, though, for certain other services, you may be charged a higher fee. A business-friendly bank also lets you open separate lines of credit, which can be great when you apply for a loan.

Bottom line

Every business will need a bank if it wants to operate in the current financial model. Determine your needs first and then opt for a bank that is business-friendly and best meets your needs. To avoid a long search or to find dissatisfaction with your choice, research is key. Your business will be best served when you choose the best bank to serve your business.


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