Exploring Sustainable Land Management

Exploring Sustainable Land Management- Complete Controller

The process of sustainable land management is the organizing activity of competent executive authorities to ensure the rational use and protection of land by all subjects of land relations.

Sustainable Land Management

Land management is divided into general and departmental (sectoral), which have a common purpose, functions, and impact method. Bodies of general and special competence manage land resources and have a territorial character, i.e., they apply to lands (irrespective of their category and rights to a particular land plot) within the territory of government or municipal entities.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

General Management

General management is exercised by bodies of general competence: the government, executive authorities of the subjects, executive bodies of local self-government, as well as bodies of exceptional competence, in particular, the Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Management, and others.

Departmental Management

Departmental (sectoral) management of land resources is carried out by state committees, federal agencies, and federal services, as well as the cases established by the President’s or government resolutions’ decisions.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Land Management Functions

The main focus of land resources management is management functions, which are separate, main types of activity of executive bodies for ensuring rational use and protection of land. Provisions of the land legislation allow allocating such functions of management of land resources as:

  • Maintenance of the state land
  • Implementation of land management
  • Land use planning
  • Control over compliance with land legislation, protection, and use of land (land control)
  • Monitoring of land

Land management functions are the main directions of management activities in protecting and using the land fund. Land resource management functions are determined and specified in the relevant legal norms. However, monitoring and keeping all the data safe is essential. For monitoring, the bookkeeping process can also be used as it is very effective for keeping all the financial and accounting records.

Moreover, in a more detailed consideration of land management functions, it is advisable to distinguish between them, highlighting the most common and significant ones. These include:

  • The provision of land to individuals and legal entities for economic and other uses
  • Planning the rational use and protection of land resources
  • Organization and implementation of land management, as well as land monitoring
  • State control over the use and protection of land
  • Economic activities related to land use
  • Participation in the resolution of land disputes
  • Protection of land ownership and land use rights
  • Legal support for the rational use and protection of landCorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Economic Benefits

The economic benefits of sustainable land management are said to be the procedure of the sustainable land management strategy, which provides economic benefit to the country and should be based on economic regulators. Furthermore, the issue of rationalizing land usage can only be solved by determining the land payment and its importance.

Recently, various public figures have progressively played a vital role in sustainable land management issues by drawing the attention of decision-makers and policymakers to the importance of topics such as sustainable land management and its relevant national policy agendas.

Sustainable land management activities relating to biodiversity and adaptation loss are essential for surviving in sub-humid and dry lands. However, this activity is important in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climatic Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

However, the government will focus on identifying sustainable land management investment opportunities to promote responsible public and private investments in areas affected by land degradation. Furthermore, referring to the number of requests, the priority areas for the development of sustainable land management are desertification and land degradation, climate change, and agriculture and food security.


Overall, the government has also engaged more intensively with developing methodologies and their application of several studies at the national level to increase the understanding of the economic benefits of investing in sustainable land management.

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