Everything You Need to Know About Employee Compensation

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One of the most essential elements in any working relationship is compensation, which is defined as the employer’s consideration in exchange for work done by a collaborator or worker. It is applicable in all legal purposes for calculating the payment of the benefits provided for in the current law. Its calculation is made considering the time worked, the performance or result, or the class of worker (worker or employee); fulfilling the purpose of being adequate, fair, balanced, effective, safe, and above all motivating. As such, every motivated worker increases their productivity and efficiency. In current Society and our work experiences, we can say that Wages and Salaries help us survive on our means. Well-managed incentive systems have important advantages, both for workers and for the company. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The main benefit to employees is that these plans make it possible for them to increase their total income, not at some future time, but immediately, in the next payment. In exchange, the company will get more production and, assuming that something is earned in each unit produced, it will achieve a greater volume of profits. In general, profits grow, not in proportion to the volume of production. When a higher rate of production takes place, the overall costs per unit decrease. The incentive plans’ positive perceptions will then raise the worker’s morale and reduce job changes, absenteeism, tardiness, and delinquency.

The Importance of Compensation

In the emerging 21st century, with a capitalist West and an East that imitates it, the monetary incentive is very important but not the only one to be valued by the individuals who work. Sometimes the pride of belonging to a certain firm, the possibilities of training and growth, the quality of life, and for many, the ability to harmonize other interests are strong sources of incentive for individuals. Therefore, a company must pay special attention to these aspects without neglecting human resources’ other policies and processes. Good compensation and incentive policy based on adequate personnel development and care policies correspond to the workers’ ideals. Thinking only of financial incentives may be insufficient. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The companies that pay more attract more good candidates, but then they must take care of other APRA aspects to retain them. Compensation above the average does not make up for lack of recognition of a superior or an angry and unpleasant work environment.

On the other hand, a company that does not pay the basic compensation that workers need for their satisfaction will have high turnover rates or resort to many extra incentives to retain employees. The companies that pay the most are not necessarily the best company to work for, and often these companies are aware of a negative work environment that they cannot improve for some reason.

Advice on Compensation

  • Compensate Above-average: The ideal situation is when a company can compensate more than the average salary.
  • Properly Compensate a Person or Position: If the compensation for the position differs from the one that the person desires and the market indicates your compensation is below average, you will need to review your company’s compensation. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers
  • Conduct Annual Reviews: Perform a review once a year. If you do not, you may be at risk of losing key personnel or having bad employees in your structure.
  • Compensation and Retention of Employees: Increasing a valuable employee’s salary is an intelligent investment. Do not neglect key personnel’s compensation because if they are skilled, they will go somewhere that will compensate them for their skills and value in the workplace.


When it comes to business, a compensation plan for personnel should be proposed, which has proven to be effective in achieving, in relative terms, better productivity and work environment in the company. The concepts, principles, and main tools needed to design and implement, organization, managing the personnel’s compensation need to be reviewed. This is known as the management approach to compensation management. 

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