Essential Elements of a Marketing Plan

Essential Elements of a Marketing Plan- Complete Controller

Background Information

The first question you must answer is why you must draw up a business plan. We also describe the company profile. It is an overview of the main characteristics of the company: the size of the company, the type of business, the services it provides, and so on. Then, we look at how the company came into existence (its history) and discuss its status (where it is currently located). Finally, we describe the organizational structure. We look at how the organization is composed and how tasks are divided within departments and employees.


In this part of the strategic business plan, we describe what the company does, what it stands for, and why it does this. Driven entrepreneurs start their businesses from a particular conviction: the reason to go to work every day full of energy. We call this the mission.LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Describing what you do and want to do as an entrepreneur is good. This way, you also indirectly realize what you do not want to do. It creates focus, and as an entrepreneur, you ensure that you do not just say yes to everything.


Successful entrepreneurs work from a vision. At a point on the horizon to which we are working. This section discusses where the company is now and where we want to be.

Core Values

As a company, you cannot be good at everything and should not want to be good at all. Someone good at everything is good at nothing.

What are you good at as a company? What are the company’s strengths? What are the norms and values within the organization? It is good to recognize the company’s power; therefore, it is wise to describe its core values.


As an entrepreneur, it is wise to determine the company’s objectives. These are the picket posts you set out to realize your ultimate vision.

When determining the objectives, you can focus on different facets. I will name them here:

Social involvement

As an entrepreneur, you must realize that you fulfill a social function and play a role in the social process.

Staff members

You form a team with your employees, and with this team, the business processes are carried out. The quality of the employees is of great importance for the result.


What are the qualities you want to pursue as a company? Or, what are the rates that you bring in-house?

ADP. Payroll – HR – BenefitsMarkets

In which markets does the company want to be active? As it is advisable to focus on specific core values, it is also wise not to dive into every market.

Products and service

It is also wise to specify the company’s products or services. Which products and services do a company want to offer and why?


Now that the basis has been set for the business plan and clarity has been obtained about the company’s mission, vision, core values, and objectives, the entrepreneur can focus on the strategy to achieve his goals.

Analysis and vision of the future

Try to have a picture of what the company’s future will look like about the products and services carried, the markets in which it is active, and how production and purchasing align with this.

Competitive analysis

As an entrepreneur, you are active in a particular market. Usually, this is not without competition, so it is good to map all competitors once. The company is placed next to competitors and tested on 30 relevant points. The entrepreneur gets a correct picture of his position in the market.

Product or market combinations

It is wise to closely follow the developments in a market and decide whether the products you offer will also fit in the future.Download A Free Financial Toolkit


It has become clear what the market looks like, and strategic choices happen. We move on to the policy to be implemented.

Organizational policy

First, a careful look is taken at the organization for the future.

Personnel policy

You can also draw up a strategy for current and future staff.

Environmental policy

Every company must think about the environmental policy to pursue government policy. It often means energy savings and an emphasis on sustainability. Current and future laws and regulations must also comply.

Quality policy

The current trend in society is an increase in quality requirements. The entrepreneur must, therefore, choose the quality level of the company.

Many companies are making increasing demands on quality. In practice, this also means working by job descriptions and personnel regulations.

Product policy

The company must make a clear choice in the products and services to be carried out. The products must also fit in with the company’s strategy in the future.

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