Enjoy Summer on a Budget

Summer on a Tight Budget - Complete Controller

We know the struggle. It’s vacation, and you have tons of time – so much that you have no idea what day it is – and you want to do all kinds of fun things, but you don’t have a big budget. How do you come across the summer without getting bored? 

Maybe you don’t have a job, or perhaps you can’t work much if you have a job. Not everyone needs to work full-time in the summer, meaning you have many free hours. But how will you complete those hours when friends are on vacation or when you have little money to spend every month? Here are eight tips. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

  1. Make ice creams

We are always blessed with super lovely summer weather for a few weeks. Cooling is more than welcome on those days, so why not make your ice cream instead of buying it?! All you need is an ice cream mold, lemonade, and fruit. You can vary endlessly with flavors, which makes it so much fun. How about the mango-kiwi combination, for example? Or strawberry blueberry? Make your creations, put them in the freezer, and your homemade ice creams are ready. Get some inspiration here.

  1. Visit free festivals

For many people, summer is dominated by festivals, but the average ticket costs a lot of money, as you probably know. So, what do you do? You visit festivals for free! With help from Google, you will find the best free festivals near you. Are the festivals in your area not free? Then you can often arrange a cheaper train ticket via NS. You don’t lose a rib from your body immediately, but you have a nice day out. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

  1. Bake recipes from your favorite show

There are so many cooking/baking shows to enjoy; what could be better? How about trying to recreate the meals from your favorite shows? The shows typically share the recipes on their website, and you can quickly try them to see just how excellent the meals are.

  1. Watch YouTube videos

When the weather is nice, we only encourage you to go outside, but the weather is just a bit less on some days. What to do? Watch YouTube videos! Girl Scene has already recorded over 200 videos, and many other YouTubers make videos that will keep you busy for a few hours. See here a list of Dutch YouTubers and a list of international YouTubers.

  1. Organize a picnic

How fun is it for a friend to organize a picnic?! Because you can divide the food price, you don’t lose much money but enjoy different snacks. Browse the fresh and affordable fruit market, grab your homemade ice creams (and eat them right away), and make tasty juices to stay hydrated. Add a sandwich or wrap. Great picnic if you ask us. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  1. Sell your clothes

Organize your garage sale or go to a flea market to sell clothes you never wear again. This way, you are 1. Busy all day 2. Earn money, and 3. Make room in your closet. That sounds like a win-win situation!

  1. Visit museums

Museums are incorrectly labeled as boring by some people. Of course, one museum could be enjoyable and exciting to you, not the next person. There are so many fascinating museums around, and they typically do not cost too much to enjoy all they have to offer. Plus, they have special events running constantly; check out discount days during the summer month.

  1. Have a slumber party in the backyard

Drum up your friends and have a slumber party in the backyard. Sleeping under the stars with your favorite people is the best time during the warm summer. Pour some wine, watch a movie, and have everyone bring some appetizers; you cannot go wrong. 

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