Emotional Well-Being & Job Satisfaction

Emotional Well-Being and Job Satisfaction - Complete Controller

Employee satisfaction is the root of success for any firm, big or small. Your employees are your driving force, and as much as you instruct them, you won’t be able to move forward if they do not provide the results you need.

It has been a topic of conversation for many decades now. Maslow presented the hierarchy of needs model in 1943, proving how long this matter has been sustained. The results you achieve, the growth your company experiences, and the revenue it generates are directly proportional to the productivity of your employees.

Maslow introduced a Hierarchy of Needs, a one-size-fits-all type. When you establish yourself at a new job with new people, you first look for fulfilling necessities. We look for our income to accommodate our basic needs, such as food, water, warmth, and shelter, a roof over our heads. Once we achieve that, we grow slightly confident and move forward. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

As we move forward, we become more involved in our work environment and seek job security and safety, confirming that you’ll have money coming in every month. You then move on to greater purposes that focus more on your desires and less on your necessities. It enables confidence and an increase in belief in yourself. When that happens, you grow.

Further, healthy emotional health starts playing a role in this evolution because your emotions are now tied to your job. You start developing an attachment to your workplace. Once this happens, you subconsciously rely on it for support since you spend more of your day with your co-workers.

Attachment to a specific something also leads to some form of expectation. Therefore, it becomes the employer’s job to ensure their employees are doing well emotionally. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Emotional Well-Being

Employee Satisfaction is wired with your employee’s mental well-being. If your employee is not performing well, they are not feeling well. For a second, think about why an employee whose production rate is 98% has suddenly dropped to 59%. There is an issue. It is not just a professional issue now; it has become personal.

Your employee comes into work every morning at nine and leaves 9 hours later, generating you revenue every minute that they are there. A low performance occasionally is typical; however, if your employee’s emotional health affects their work rate, it becomes a grave issue. Your employees are not just people working for you; they are your responsibility, making employee satisfaction a part of your job specification.

Kirsty Jagielka from Cigna writes, ‘With emotional well-being concerns often lasting for many years, early intervention is vital. The right support at the right time can help your employees to achieve positive emotional well-being and enable them to remain productive members of the workforce.’ Your employees breed results; they can either raise you from the ashes or drive you into the ground.

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout can also drive people to quit their jobs. Reaching a point of burnout indicates you have been overworked for a while now, and it has eventually reached a point of no return. It also shows how your employers might have ignored it for it to get such a point.

It takes a toll on an employee’s emotional well-being, making them question their place in the firm. Burnout suggests you are giving more than receiving, which can impact how one views their firm. 

It can lead to employees quitting their jobs. It can be incredibly detrimental to the firm’s health because they are losing an employee and a trained employee who knows the ropes of the system. The firm must now invest time and energy into training someone else. That is not the only result they will have suffered. The situation can get worse when the reason an employee left gets out.


Your employees are your responsibility. You can tell yourself as an employer that there are more significant matters to prioritize, but you need to realize that if you prioritize your employee’s emotional well-being, you will not need to prioritize anything else; they will do that for you.

Richard Branson once said, “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.” Your employees are your firm’s greatest assets, and you realize that is your greatest asset. When you consider an interviewee for your firm, you know they can handle it. It then also becomes your job to take care of them.

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