Does Dress Code Matter in an Organization?

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You must have seen old pictures of men in workplaces dressed in a hat and sharply fitted suits with small pocket squares, while women wore blocked heels in immaculately fitted dresses and skirts. Times have changed, and so has the way we dress to work. But why do dress codes matter so much in an organization?

Proper attire plays an important role in workplaces. If you are working at a school, corporate office, or own your own business, wearing appropriate attire is necessary. Whatever you wear needs to be suitable for your workplace environment, and a proper dress code ensures an impression of an employee will be presentable and professional. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault You may wear anything in a creative work environment, but an appropriate dress code is essential in a corporate organization.

Types of dress codes

Undoubtedly, you may feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Altering your clients’ perceptions means creating some type of dress code in a workplace, but you do not want to be viewed as an autocrat by other employees. Consider this piece of advice from Indeed, “The aim for workers is to meet a level of professionalism that is expected in their dress, and not to dictate how one should present.”

You must understand that there are different types of dress codes: Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

  • Business formal
  • Business casual
  • Casual

Importance of dress codes

Employees must understand the core reason for wearing proper clothes at work. Dress sets a visual image of one person; attire show’s a person’s character and represents how seriously they view their work life. Wearing proper dress is important since you never know who you may meet throughout the day. According to multiple pieces of research, people who properly present themselves are likely to get a raise compared to those who do not pay attention to their looks at all.

The way a client sees you speaks a lot about the organization or company you work for, especially during business meetings. Your outfit needs to impact the client working with you positively. When you dress nicely, you look confident and competent, making the work environment lighter.

The do’s and don’ts of work dress code

Fridays are typically a casual dress code day which may also be acceptable on other days of the week. A casual look helps employees stay comfortable, and work production often increases. However, the nature of their work will determine if they can dress casually. Sometimes giving your employees the decision to wear anything at work harms the working environment. Just remember, your idea of casual can be entirely different from other people working at the same office. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

We all want to look and feel at our best, especially at work. Setting standards that help you adhere to the company’s image is also important, so it is essential to establish a dress code for everyone working in the organization. Hence, a dress code is beneficial for both employees’ confidence and the company’s image.


  • The company must list proper attire that is acceptable for both men and women
  • The dress code must display the company’s image
  • Explain to all employees on the day of joining why they must dress properly
  • The company needs to tell its employees when to wear business attire, if not required, daily


  • The dress code should not conflict with employees’ national origin or religious practices
  • Employees cannot mistreat others because of the dress code


Generally, a person is judged according to what they wear and how they present themselves at work. More than 55% of employees assume other employees at work by just seeing their appearance and style. Therefore, one needs to remember that clothing communicates a louder message to employers, customers, and clients. Proper attire gives employees confidence, potential promotions, and respect from other colleagues.

To be noticed in the workplace, wear attire that fits and positively impacts others. 

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