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The traditional legal profession depends heavily on writing, reading, and research, which results in the heavy usage of paper. This often causes the law office to look like a warehouse of legal documents. This creates various problems such as misfiling, poor organization, and the cost associated with producing and storing the documentation, to name a few.

The effort to go paperless or at least reduce the usage of paper, not only helps you cut down on clutter and costs but also allows you to move towards more innovative and efficient business processes.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

However, we have to keep in mind that the legal documents are confidential and contain a client’s personal information. To ensure that you never lose your precious materials, we have compiled a list of some of the best cloud-based storage platforms.

These services use the latest encryption technologies and take extra security measures to protect confidential data from hackers. Additionally, some of the providers offer two-factor authentication to protect you against unauthorized access to your account.


pCloud is an excellent choice for a cloud storage platform. It comes with advanced security features and a crypto package add-on, which provides multi-layered zero-knowledge encryption to your documents.

The 4096-bit RSA algorithm protects private key information, and the 256-bit AES protects your documents, which makes it almost impossible to break the encryption and gain access to your documents. Their monthly packages start from as low as $3.99, which gives 500GB of file storage.

PCloud previously held a competition for hackers called the “crypto challenge,” where they were willing to grant approximately $100,000 to hackers able to break into the encryption. Two thousand eight hundred sixty hackers participated in the competition, and none of them succeeded.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits is a top-notch cloud storage option for a law firm. It is equipped with 2048-bit RSA encryption keys and 256-bit AES encryption, which provides a high-security level. Moreover, the service is very affordable. Their Business Pro starts from $5.00, which gives 1 TB of storage and unlimited data transfer.

The only downside is that each file needs to be decrypted, which means that photos and documents cannot be previewed.

SpiderOak ONE

Though SpiderOak ONE’s primary service is cloud backup, its high-level security features and cloud storage features make it very difficult to exclude. Like the past services, it offers zero-knowledge encryption and uses a combination of the 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES algorithms to protect your backups.

The best part is that your backup files are only accessible on your devices, as SpiderOak themselves do not know their device key, which makes your data super safe and secure.

Another excellent feature includes a point-in-time backup, which means that you can recover your deleted files. You can also revert your files to the previous version at a given point of time, which can be very beneficial to prevent damage, especially in case of ransomware attacks. Their monthly plan starts at $5.00 per month for 150GB of storage.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts


Tresorit provides end-to-end file encryption and comes with a secured file-sharing technology, which allows you to send your confidential files to your clients securely. The main highlight of this cloud storage service is the remote wipe feature, which will enable you to delete files stored in the local drive files in case your device is stolen.

Furthermore, you can send password-protected download links via email to your recipients. You can also set download limits, custom passwords, and a duration for which the link is available for download. This provides an additional layer of security to your file if the recipient’s email is compromised.

Like other platforms we mentioned on this list, all files are protected with zero-knowledge encryption and 256-bit AES encryption, which makes your files inaccessible to anyone without the encryption key.

Please mind that this option is more expensive than the other options we mentioned. Their plan starts at $12.50 per month. You can also signup for their 14-day trial period and check out their service before committing to more extended plans.


There you have it – the best document storage services for your paperless law firm. These services will help you secure your legal documents and help you preserve other data, such as HR, payroll, and bookkeeping records.

All of the document storage platforms we mentioned in this list are very secure options. We encourage you to check them out and determine which one is the best fit for managing the documents of your law firm.

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