Do You Have Tax Debts and How to Handle Them?

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You may be incorrect if you have thought that you should not have submitted your annual statement because you were a salaried employee in the last five years. The tax authority may require you to catch up.

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) establishes assumptions that you should have complied with this obligation despite being salaried. So, start remembering because, as a taxpayer, the authority can send you information requirements for up to the last five fiscal years. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Suppose you obtained income higher than $19,000 in the year; if you changed the regime or stopped providing services before December 31 of the corresponding fiscal year. If you obtained income from two or more employers simultaneously in the year and if you received other cumulative payments for fees, lease, or business activities, in addition to your salary.

What can happen is that you are charged with fines and surcharges. When the authority makes invitations, it suggests getting informed avoid such situations. Generally, in the SAT’s information requests, you are asked to prove income and withholdings as a salaried employee. Suppose you are also a natural person with business activity. In that case, you must present proof of deductions, such as water, electricity, or telephone.

Some people receive more than $19,000 a year and do not make their statements. If the SAT detects that you did not do them in the last five years, they will likely review and request information from the previous ten years.

The requisitions of information and precisions of the last five years are derived from the incorrect delivery of an annual declaration and tax refund request. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

We must avoid multiple incidents and things in our everyday lives, such as messy dishwasher areas, oil-changing vehicles, and yard work. But tax debt is one that we cannot avoid. In September 2014, 18 million USA citizens owed different tax types as per IRS’s research report. Also, there were 10 million estimated front tax penalties per year. As every problem has a solution, there are several ways to eliminate tax debt. In this way, the penalty payment process will reduce, and you will be eligible to solve your obligations correctly.

File your taxes anyway

No matter how much balance you have, you must file your taxes. According to a certified financial planner from New Jersey, your ignorance regarding tax payment worsens the economic situation. There is not a single alternative except paying the piper. Fines due to tax filing ignorance can make you a criminal. That is why filing is necessary, whether you are wealthy or not.

Those who ignore the filing of taxes will have to pay a 5% penalty for unpaid taxes. If it is greater than 25% of your balance credit, the tax debt becomes a lot worse. You can take the time to file your taxes by filing for an extension. But you will have to pay all estimated taxes before the annual deadline only to evade penalties and interest. Exit Advisor

Make a payment plan, delay your payment, or settle

IRS is always available to serve you for balance management, especially when you cannot pay your taxes within 120 days. You can apply for a long-term payment plan as an installment agreement. It will be the best option when you require one hundred and twenty days for balance settlement. Keep in mind that you will have to pay penalties and interest on your debt. This option is only for those who must pay less than $50,000 tax with interest and penalties.

You can also delay your tax payments temporarily. Only you will have to provide evidence of affording your total living expenditures with the debt payment. Otherwise, you find the IRS at your doorstep for the tax expense. As a result, you will have to accrue penalties and interest.  

Make a reasonable settlement for a lesser tax payment. You can solve the tax debt issue with the IRS by using the offer’s approach in compromise. You will pay the debt with evidence as they can cause financial difficulties in qualification. Tax relaxation is necessary to remove the unaffordable tax burden.

Take a professional’s help

Tax debt payment is not the game of kid. That is why you need a professional accountant and financial planner’s assistance with their certified qualifications and experiences. Only make sure that they know how to handle the tax debt payment situation remarkably.

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