DIY or Go Pro? Why You May Want to Hire a Tax Professional

DIY or Tax Professional - Complete Controller

Is your business ready to move one step ahead of the game and hire a tax professional in the tax season? Or is the DIY model still working strong for you? These are a couple of questions and other things that you need to ask yourself before making the right choice. Perhaps tips from a seasoned yet successful business owner can help you decide. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to think you can do everything on your own. After all, you may have learned from books that entrepreneurs know everything about their businesses and possess insight knowledge as no other does! When it comes to business’s tax-side, things change and so do opinions of veterans. Launching a company may be relatively easier than managing and maintaining its bookkeeping, taxes, and finances. Thus, administrative work plays a predominant role in the success of any business. Those who manage their managerial yet administrative work well can expect to reduce bookkeeping, tax, and financial errors and witness significant economic gains.

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It is essential to understand that not every professional accountant is a tax professional as well. So, you need to identify your business needs and play sensibly to save more money for your business. The point is, filing taxes on your own can be daunting. On the other hand, hiring a professional tax agent comes at a price, which most businesses fear affording. But with the availability of low-cost DIY tools and software, most entrepreneurial companies are still wondering whether hiring a tax professional is healthy for their business. The thought of filling taxes goes two ways around; most business owners lack trust in tax professionals, so they consider DIY tax software quite useful. On the contrary, there are business owners who consider DIY tax software ineffective and prefer hiring tax professionals instead. 

Should A Business Owner be His/her Own Tax Professional?

In the light of saving money, naturally, entrepreneurs prefer to handle their finances and file tax returns themselves instead of working with tax professionals as they are perceived as expensive. They also fear delegating control to third-party vendors, especially in the initial phases of business setup, as the first two years are essential for defining the success patterns of any entrepreneurial venture. Hiring a tax professional is a good option for owners just starting their business. Besides fulfilling your tax-filing needs, a tax professional will save you a lot of money and time.

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According to a study, on-average entrepreneurial ventures can use accounting or tax software for the first five years. After the first five years, it may be time to change its approach and should consider hiring a tax or accounting professional when bookkeeping, tax, or financial needs grow. Managing everything on your own is both time-consuming and confusing. Hiring a tax professional for catering to accounting and tax needs makes sense, especially when you are expecting to grow your business operations.

“The cost of handling your financials could be higher when you choose to handle these things yourself when you take into consideration penalties, your knowledge gap and the time it takes away from actually making the money you’re desperately trying to track.” Said, Brian Clayon, owner, GreenPal

This difficulty tracking indicates that the businesses should likely go for hiring a tax professional instead of using DIY tax or accounting software. The thing is, spending a little portion of your money on hiring a tax professional always pays off in the long run of your business’s journey. Hiring gives you peace of mind and helps reduce catastrophic financial errors. Also, it enables you to save money by better capturing of financial deductions and depreciation.

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