Digitize Receipts for Efficiency

Digitize Receipts for Efficiency- Complete Controller

Are you someone who spends much time looking for a receipt for personal or business use? Receipts are proof of transaction or purchase made and are invaluable to keep an excellent financial backbone. Many people tend to pile up receipts over time, leading to a complete mess that is nearly impossible to sort out.

When organizing receipts for business or personal use, think of a system that is easy to use, simple to recall, quick to file papers, and easy to locate what you need. No system for recording receipts is perfect, and each has flaws. The best way to deal with receipt tracking is to convert them into digital form.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Receipts in Digital Form

Paper receipts are not made from the best paper; they are frail and don’t last very long. Paper receipts are prone to wear and tear and are easily lost and destroyed. Keeping all receipts in one place will make it much easier to store and record. Digitizing all paper receipts is the best way to help manage different receipts.

Using software like Evernote, keeping track of receipts is easier. Evernote can scan and record any receipt within seconds. It uses less storage space with many options to tag and keeps every receipt safe. Following are the best ways to keep track of every single receipt easily:


Shoeboxed is an effective mobile app available for Android and iOS that allows receipts to be scanned with a phone camera. It uses the phone camera to scan a paper receipt, extracting all the information needed to keep track of any receipt. For more services, Shoeboxed offers a chance to have the receipts reviewed by certified professionals who can review five monthly receipts. The app can automatically sync to the web version of Shoeboxed, making it easy to organize receipts for a business.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Office Lens

Internet and app-savvy individuals must know OneNote and its new companion, Office Lens. Microsoft develops Office Lens to assist people and corporations in keeping track of their receipts. Office Lens is a scanner app with highly customized integration settings with Microsoft Office and other products. It works seamlessly with Office 365 and OneNote. It gives the user more options to save the digitally scanned image as a PDF, an image in an email, or a jpeg in your camera roll to organize receipts for a business. The system is straightforward; just click a photo from the app, choose the needed service, and let the app do the rest.

Genius Scan iOS

Grizzly Labs has devised a viable solution to eliminate the cluttered mess of receipts lying about in drawers. The app is integrated with many different cloud services, including OneNote. The app is very simple to use; just take a clear photo from the app using the phone camera and let the app get to work. Genius Scan will enhance the receipt to be excellent, allowing a high-quality copy to be stored and retrieved later. The Genius Scan app is available for both Android and iOS. The basic version supports DropBox, while the premium version supports Google Drive, OneNote, Expensify, and EverNote.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts


Creating a business expense report was never this easy; the Expensify app has made it easier for business and home users to create expense reports from receipts stored as photos automatically. It’s possible to track the total hours worked with a single tap. The app can track mileage using GPS by taking a picture of the odometer in the car. The app can link up everything with the bank account or a credit card to pull transactions that do not have a receipt. The app can generate IRS-guaranteed e-receipts.


Receipts is a scanning application available on iOS only. The Receipts app scans any receipt, placing it in its allocated category. The app can keep track of spending in each category. Such a system is highly effective in tackling account management issues. The app is available on iOS. However, without free versions, it is a letdown for many when organizing receipts effectively.

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