Difference Between a Hobby and Side Hustle

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Simply put, A hobby fuels your body, and a side hustle profits your bank account. However, this article will briefly learn the difference between both activities. Happy reading!

What is a hobby?

The word ‘hobby’ was introduced in the 13th century. Ergo, from the traces of history, we located that humans had the curiosity to explore themselves, understand their abilities better and require an indulgence to rewind and recharge for mental and physical well-being.

And as William C. Menninger, in his book psychological aspects of hobbies, portrays, “the first is that the individual is not a machine. A certain amount of recreation, as well as rest, is necessary. Recreation means doing something different from your work and what you enjoy doing. It should be so different from your work that you will forget your work while doing it. This matter of being able to forget your work is the real value in recreation.” Exit Advisor

This expression of facts justifies the concept of a hobby and the purpose behind pursuing it. However, this information was intended to educate our astute readers on what a hobby is that will help us identify the difference between it and a side hustle.

Statistics of different hobbies in America- reported by Statista

  • Cooking & baking- 39%
  • Reading- 37%
  • Pets- 33%
  • Outdoor activities- 31%
  • Video gaming- 31%
  • Traveling- 27%
  • DIY and arts & crafts- 26%
  • Gardening and plants- 24%
  • Board games & card games- 23%
  • Socializing- 23%
  • Tech & computers- 20%
  • Photography- 19%
  • Doing sports and fitness- 18%
  • Meditation & wellness- 17%
  • Writing- 17%
  • Cars & vehicles- 16%
  • Making music- 14%
  • Other- 6%

This research enlightens us on how creatively Americans engage in their leisure time and strive to improve their mental and physical well-being.

Any indulgence that gives you a sense of achievement and contentment can tremendously boost your mental health. In an era where mental health issues are prevalent and unvoiced, to contribute a little to improve your day, there is nothing wrong with engaging in activities, be it reading, writing, cooking, gardening, walking, cleaning, painting, etc. to feel better. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Studies have revealed that people who are occupied with their interesting hobbies develop into independent-minded people. Furthermore, hobbies reduce stress and depression in the chaos of life. In addition, hobbies that work well for me are reading, writing, and cooking. What about you?

What is a Side hustle?

Today, it’s challenging to finance your needs with one income. The rising inflation has made it impossible to survive on primary earnings. However, if you are affluent, that’s a fortunate fate, but people living from paycheck to paycheck cannot meet their requirements. Additionally, the higher rates and monthly payments of loans have already discouraged mass from pursuing them. But, in the end, you must put the food on the table!

Now, is there a way out of this tragic life? Thankfully, the human mind has always discovered solutions to improve their well-being- A side hustle! A fantastic way to supplement your primary income and feed additional money in your bank. Also, you can interpret it as monetizing your skills or hobbies!

What are some examples?

  • Start a Blog
  • Work as a Virtual Assistant
  • Drive for Lyft or Uber
  • Become a photographer
  • Cooking
  • Tutor online
  • Become a transcriptionist
  • Join a focus group or take surveys
  • Teach English
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  •  Freelance writing

History of side hustle

The term “side hustle” was initially used in 1950 when conventional employment ceased, and people had to provide food for their families. The rest is history! Today, many people make a decent living outside their regular occupations through e-commerce, social media, blogging, and freelancing.

A side hustle is construed as a side business that an individual pursues along with their traditional jobs. As mentioned in the examples above, it can be from creating a YouTube channel to even investing! A survey of 3000 Americans depicted how many individuals had engaged in a side hustle to appreciate their hobby or passion. In my case, writing! It started as a hobby but turned into a full-time job. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Side hustles are often turned into full-time jobs

To supplement a full-time job and pursue his passion for writing, Craig Brett of Freelance Writing Studio began his side business on the PeoplePerHour platform eight years ago. In addition, Craig was free to exit his primary job and now works for himself after six years of putting in 40 hours a week.

There were two significant motivators for me, claims Craig. The first was having the flexibility to work whenever I wanted. The second was the extra money combined to make the shift seem effortless.

This example entails that side hustle has opened numerous doors of opportunities for many individuals; you can be among them too!


After comprehensive research and fact collection, this article came into existence. The intention is to inform our readers regarding the difference between hobby and side hustle which is often misinterpreted. I genuinely hope this article enlightens you on this matter. In addition, to comprehend the variation between ideology or concept of any term, it’s imperative to glance back to its origin. This tip allows you to gain good knowledge and easily grasp the difference- as applied in this article.

I hope you enjoyed this, have a great day! A side hustle is anything you do to make extra money while engaging in a hobby for self-gratification.

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