Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing

  1. Study the subject of an email

For a good email marketing professional, there is nothing more frustrating than an email with a low opening rate. In addition, it’s not without reason: can a person create incredible content, plan the editorial calendar and fail to convince users to open the message? It is not fair, right?

Therefore, it is important to create extremely eye-catching emails and study their performance. In addition, look at the email issues one receives. Subscribe to the newsletter of other sites that may be interesting and keep in mind the topics they use. Make a compilation with the most attractive and use them as a bank of ideas.


  1. It uses the full potential of the preview text

If a person is using an automation tool, they may be able to include a small text immediately after the subject of the email. This space is known as:

  • Preview text 
  • Preheader 
  • Supporting text

That is an excellent way to keep the suspense of a message and, at the same time, a second chance to convince readers to open the email. However, attention! Do not forget that the greater the number of characters in the subject, the smaller the space in the preview text. Therefore, if the subject is very large, it is useless to use the supporting text, since it will not appear.


  1. Create special dates and actions

Easter, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year … The list of commemorative dates is immense, and everyone already knows them. So think outside the box and innovate. Celebrate different dates or create new dates especially for the audience. For e.g., If a person is a fan of some very popular series, create a specific action to celebrate the day when the pilot episode was aired. Better yet, celebrate a special date of one of the characters. JK Rowling and the Harry Potter fans are always commemorating the wizard’s anniversary and other occasions through social networks.


  1. Use a new sender

Want to innovate in the relationship? Change the name of the sender. Surely, a person has already sent a welcome email presenting who is the voice of their company, as dictated by the good practices of email marketing. That is why the audience already knows what to expect from the messages. By exchanging the sender, a person will feed an extremely powerful feeling: curiosity. With it, the chances of a person having an increase in their opening rate are very large.

However, be careful! This advice should be used sporadically, on special occasions. If the sender changes every hour, it will spoil the element of surprise and the difference becomes “normal”. In addition, their subscriber base may not understand anything or, worse, bother.

Therefore, always use common sense and do not forget to present who is the new sender, of course.


  1. Be well humored

Creativity and good humor always walk together. When a person is having fun, they associate everyone involved with positive feelings and, in the case of brands that is wonderful.

Use, preferably, a humor related to those areas. That reinforces the connections with the market and may even generate some routings.


  1. Use the custom fields

If a person already uses an automation tool, invest in the use of personalization field. Their message will be much more exclusive and increase the commission rates. However, be careful! Just send a personalized email to the contacts that have all the fields filled or a super creative idea can become a skid.


  1. Do campaigns for specific segments

Another creative way to innovate in email marketing and improve their metrics is to work with specific segments. The possibilities are endless … or almost, because everything depends on the amount of information a person has in the database.

It is not recommended to send a message in agreement with the subscribers’ favorite soccer teams if that type of information is not relevant to the company and, therefore, has never been requested in any registration form.


  1. Uses behavior triggers

A mention on Twitter, an abandonment of the shopping cart, a form that was visited but was not filled…

Behavioral triggers are a great opportunity to attract clicks.

If a person has a good marketing automation tool, it is easy to follow the actions of those leads and send messages at the ideal time.

Knowing the context in which that person is, it is possible to build a specific and well-personalized message.



  1. Do not forget the #hashtags

The ones from Twitter and Instagram have already reached Facebook and, now, in email marketing. Using hashtags is a great way to work a multichannel campaign. A person can launch a campaign, spread it on social media with a specific hashtag and include it in the email.


A person can even go further and insert a call to action by inviting the readers to publish and search for content with that #, helping to vitalize their campaign.