Competing against Corporate Giants – The Secret Weapon of SMEs

competing with corporate giants - Complete Controller

Innovation is the secret weapon for SME Competitiveness

For quite some time, it has been acknowledged that the bigger the business, the more capable it is of contending beyond local markets, as compared to its smaller competitors. In any case, innovation is upsetting this trend for quite a while now as current SMEs can punch above their weight and compete earnestly. Current information, as opposed to cash and assets, is the last obstacle that must be specialized. In this regard, bookkeeping information makes up the most strategic role.
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By using innovation in its most extreme, small businesses are now faced with far fewer barriers when contending outside of their local market than they did in the past. You could say that innovation has now turned into ‘the secret weapon’ in SME effectiveness. It can impact leveling the playing field by enabling SMEs to become ‘practically portable,’ empowering them to work and contend past their area, relative to access to money and customers.

Mobility of SMEs

Technology is turning small businesses mobile. Through innovation, business owners can work outside of their immediate area and have easy access to new markets. They can also partake in exercises that create value both within themselves and their organizations. The majority of this is accessible to SMEs without being disturbed by either physical access or, to some extent, financial matters, and numerous organizations are taking full advantage of the opportunity technology is presenting.Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Innovation has a noteworthy part to play in making organizations more productive and more inventive. In the subject of virtual versatility, nonetheless, there are two center regions of business where these favorable circumstances show themselves the most: bookkeeping and marketing. By completely grasping innovation in their marketing and bookkeeping, small businesses can increase competitive advantage.

Marketing and online networking

First, we will speak about marketing. The biggest advantage of innovation to small businesses has been in the circle of marketing, specifically in the presentation of web-based social networking. Solo business owners are now able to speak with clients and prospective clients, for all intents and purposes, through online networking in a way that basically wasn’t conceivable a couple of years ago…particularly without a sizable advertising capacity available to them. Organizations are obviously exploiting this open door.


Web-based social networking has made client correspondences speedier and fundamentally more straightforward. Also, private ventures have a noteworthy, preferred standpoint over bigger contenders while taking part in online networking, as their interchanges can be more individual and purchaser responsive.Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Accounting and Financial Reporting

With online bookkeeping and relative software programs, SMEs were previously unequipped to work adequately in the area of online bookkeeping. However, a greater part of the boundaries related to financial management and financial statements have been exterminated through innovation. Through the advancement of versatile software programs, organizations can now get financial statements managed without employing too many resources at too high a cost.


SMEs are at a great advantage when it comes to accounting and financial reporting because their business scale is smaller. It does not mean that an SME can rest on its laurels when it comes to accounting. It can still be easy to lose a grip on your financial statements if you don’t spend some part of your business day focused on accounting.


Small and medium businesses have advantages purely based on their size when it comes to competing against larger companies. In addition to the size advantages, often customers prefer taking their business to a small or medium-sized company because the service is more intimate and focused. When customers compare the experience against going with a larger company, they may feel more like a number than a customer. The bottom line is, do not count yourself out as a smaller business when competing against industry giants. Remember there is a story about David and Goliath, the giant didn’t win.

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