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In the healthcare industry, providing a quick and smooth service while maintaining patient information according to HIPAA requirements is not easy. Leading healthcare organizations address these demands through collaboration with Google’s cloud and making it easier for their patients to access their data under one roof.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Secure Access to Information

Google’s cloud ensures the information security that HIPAA requires, allowing health officials and patients limited logins to avoid any data theft. There is software that will enable you to identify how many times the document or information has been viewed.

If the system becomes corrupted or hacked, you know that your information is securely placed in the cloud. You can apply device encryption and share the file; authorized people can access patient data from any managed device. As a healthcare professional, you are responsible for ensuring the security of your patients’ information.

Provide Faster Service to Patients

Many websites connect patients with healthcare physicians across the United States. They allow patients to review inputs before they even see a doctor. When patients arrive at the clinic or hospital, they can fill out an online form that doctors, administration, and nurses can access. This way, you will already have your patient’s information and can follow up with them immediately. Patients can even fill out a feedback survey that will help improve customer service.

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Access to Important Updates and Documents

Google Cloud makes it simple to create a streamlined information center. All you have to do is move all important data, policies, announcements, calendars, training, and resources to Google Drive and link it to the Google website. For example, a patient simultaneously visits a general physician, cardiologist, and cardiac surgeon.

Instead of faxing or emailing information to each other, the patient’s lab reports and follow-up information should be stored on the cloud. All three doctors can access the patient’s information from anywhere. If there is an emergency, the doctor can immediately access the patient’s medical history from their device.

Healthcare practitioners can also view previous clinical follow-ups. CT scans, X-rays, and audio or video messages can be uploaded to the cloud. Patients can view their medical history as well as their financial transactions. Let’s say the patient does not have medical insurance and pays out of pocket. Instead of visiting the account’s department, they can view all payment history on the cloud. Even the accounts department can perform their bookkeeping on the cloud and go paperless.

Ensure Consistency

One of the best examples is a leading pharmaceutical company providing patients with lifesaving medications worldwide. This company started using apps. However, not all apps can collaborate, so they moved to the cloud. Today, over 90,000 employees of this company use Gmail, calendar, and multiple tools to work simultaneously from 140 countries.

Google Cloud is easy to use. If you hire a new employee, you can add them to the Google Cloud from your admin control, and they have access to it; you do not have to wait to hear back from your IT department. For example, a new doctor is on board, and you have to provide them with a patient’s medical history. All you have to do is add them to the cloud, and they can access all the information. Depending on the IT department, it can create a hindrance at times.

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Some medically complex patients, especially kids, have difficulty visiting hospitals or clinics. That is when home services are provided. For example, a speech therapist visits a child’s home for speech therapy. After the session, the therapist can directly input their device on the Google cloud and update the charts, reports, and medication list from the patient’s home. All other practitioners can view the updated information right away.

If your hospitals or clinics provide in-home services, Google Cloud makes that easier. You can track or update a patient’s information on the cloud; all other healthcare practitioners can view that information immediately.

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