Is it Time to Change Tax Service?

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January, after the end of 2015 and closing your business’s annual accounts, it is time to take stock of the year on work and our suppliers.

Undoubtedly, one of our most vital providers is our tax service agency, where we have deposited all our accounts, invoices, and others. For this same reason, it seems almost impossible to leave it.

However, we will see that changing to other advice is amazingly simple and can have many advantages. But let us start at the beginning. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

  1. What are the main reasons to change counseling?

There are many of them, and everyone has their own, but some of the most frequent are:

  • I do not receive a good service considering what I pay.
  • You are paying for a service that I do not use or need.
  • Increase in price for services that were not included and of which they had not spoken to me.
  • He has messed up on several occasions, some more important than others, but I have already lost confidence in them.
  • Bad service; I must chase them or call several times to talk to them.
  • They do not meet deadlines on time, leaving me little time to prepare my accounts.
  • They do not inform me of the latest changes in legislation and how they can affect me. I must ask.
  • They take a long time to post the invoices, and I do not know the actual situation of my business well in advance.
  • It does not matter how my business fares.
  • I do not feel calm. I must revise your work if you have filed taxes and payroll.
  • They do not provide me with information about my company when I ask them, bills I have already given them, or balance sheets. I do not have an accurate pulse of my accounts.
  • They do not inform me of subsidies or bonuses. I always hear that others have benefited, and I have not.
  • They have committed some serious faults, such as filing a tax wrongly. What has even brought me a penalty?

When this happens, we are often tempted to continue with our consultancies and gestures for the laziness that involves making the change. This change is much easier than you think. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

  1. When is the best time to change management?

You can generally change tax advice anytime, but January and February are the best times since a new fiscal year begins. The accounts of exercise by the same advisor facilitate the transition between your management and the advisors.

  1. How do I make the change of advice?

It is straightforward. Once you sign up with the new advice and communicate it to the old, your further advice will tell you the information you have to ask your senior advice.

  1. Things to consider when choosing a new advice

This depends on your type of business, the complexity of your accounts, and the service you want, but the factors you must consider are:

  • Pay only for what you need and no more; if you have few monthly bills, what does it cost you to pay more for a service that they will bill you for or unlimited advice when you do not use it? Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts
  • Possibly growing within the same consultancy, ensure that even if you start with a basic plan, the consultancy can offer you everything you may need as your business grows.
  • Be able to talk with your advisor before hiring to see if there is a feeling.
  • Transparency in contracts that is clear what comes in and what does not.
  • Without clauses of permanence, that you can go whenever you want, nothing is worse than being tied to a bit of advice you no longer trust.
  • Suppose they offer you something more than the others, a bonus or a gift. It is an equal price if one gives you a program of accounting and billing, courses, or anything else because it is a plus to consider.
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