Car Ownership Comes With Fees

Car Ownership Comes With Fees - Complete Controller

Transport tax is one of the property taxes you must pay if you have a car or other means of transportation specified in the law.

How Much Will You Have to Pay?

There are plenty of automatic services for calculating the amount of tax on the Internet. You can learn everything about your taxes in any region’s Department of State Revenue. There is a similar service on the websites of large commercial banks, offering their customers both to check for debts and to pay off the state through their Internet banking.

Owners of cars with an engine capacity of more than 3,000 cubic meters need to know: if owners registered their vehicle no later than December 31, 2013, the amendments with increased rates do not apply – tax is calculated and paid at the old low rates. You will pay the same rates even if you sell the car today or tomorrow. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

What Happens if the Payment is Late or not Paid at all?

At first glance, the amounts charged are ridiculous. From the first day of delay, a fine will begin to drip. And if the tax payment is overdue for a couple of months – it is. But if the debtor shied away from it for five years, it can accumulate up to the exact amount of tax. Or even exceed it. For example, if a transport tax of $15,000 has not been paid since 2010, only the penalty for all this time will be $15,807.53 (plus paying taxes for the past six years). It is better to check the existing debts in the tax office in your area.

What Documents are Needed to Pay Taxes?

It is enough to know the VIN code of the car to pay the taxes. It is indicated in the registration certificate (SRTS) on the line “Body number.” In rare cases, local governments may ask the bank to present the registration certificate. If the car is not registered to you, then you need the IIN of the owner and the area where he and the vehicle are registered. This is important because if the payment goes to the treasury of another district, it is almost impossible to return or transfer the money. But the debt will remain. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Where to Pay Tax? Where can You do it Quickly?

Transport tax can be paid at all branches of second-tier banks, although some have a fee for this. Payments without commissions are accepted at Kazpost offices. Almaty car owners can also pay off the car tax and utilities; the payment receipt has a separate column with the calculated amount of tax for the car.

It is more convenient and faster to pay through the Internet banking of some banks if you have an account with them. You can make payments in minutes from your home or smartphone’s comfort.

What Happens with the Tax Paid?

No. When selling a car, the tax paid by the previous owner before the end of the year, by agreement of the parties, and in the presence of a contract of sale (exchange), which was reissued to the buyer, is no longer valid. Recently (since January 1, 2016), the tax has been taken only for the period you were the owner, by the number of months.

The new owner’s tax will be calculated when the car is registered, starting from the initial day of the month. If he “stands on the numbers” event on June 30, the tax will be calculated from June 1. Until the end of the year, he will need to pay only for seven months.

The previous owner, who paid for the extra months, will be able to return the money by applying to the tax authorities. Or he can offset the payment to him in case of registration of another car. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Who is Exempt from the Transport Tax?

In addition to agricultural producers, for the equipment used in production, and state institutions, according to the law, participants in the Second World War and persons equated to them are exempted from paying tax for one vehicle.

And one more important detail – the exemption from the tax applies only to one vehicle within one year. When buying another car, it is no longer possible to apply for benefits in the same year. Suppose an owner registered a vehicle for a beneficiary, and after a few months, it was deregistered. Tax breaks for him will appear only next.

What to do with Taxes if the Car is Sold by Proxy?

Regarding cars sold by proxy, not everything is so simple. Only a court can recognize a transaction (sale by proxy) as valid. However, at the same time, the seller cannot transfer the tax liability to the new owner. In other words, he says to whom the car is registered.

Borrowers must pay debts! Thus, to get rid of tax debts for cars sold by proxy today, you need to go to court, recognize the transaction as a fact of sale, and then go to the administrative police department where the car was registered to deregister it from your name. Only after deregistration will taxes cease to accrue.

The Car was Stolen (and They are Looking for it). Do I Need to Pay Tax on it?

You cannot pay tax on a stolen car until it is found. To do this, the owner must deregister the vehicle for the search period. According to the law, the deregistration of a vehicle that is not returned to the owner is carried out based on his application and a document issued by the Department of Internal Affairs that the vehicle is wanted. Suppose the desired vehicle is returned to the owner. Deregistration is carried out based on application, the absence of information about the search in the information resources of the Department of Internal Affairs, and the inspection of the vehicle. But if the car is not deregistered, taxes will continue to drip.

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