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Capture for Control Life Mastery- Complete Controller

If you already know what control means in GTD, it is time to delve into the first step: collect or capture. Collecting means capturing everything that goes through your mind in an external, reliable system you know will always be there and never forgotten. This is the first step to achieving an effective Productivity System.

A Demanding World Full of Commitments

I am sure that your life is entire of commitments. At all times, you have to do something. And if you are not doing it, sometimes it seems you are not as productive as you should be. Also, you often end your day with the feeling of not having done everything you should do.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Don’t worry, it’s normal. Right now, your life is going at a speed that even you cannot manage properly, hence the importance of the habit of capturing. If  you want to do many things to go far and achieve all your goals. Your partner, children, and parents want you to do many things to get you very far. The head of your company, you’re superior. They want you to do many things to get far and fulfill your goals. It can make you enter a spiral of doing, doing, but sometimes there are more important things. And obviously, you don’t get everything you would like.

The solution? I will tell you at the end of the article, but I think you already have it clear. Capture everything in an external system to live with less stress.

The Reality of Life in Our Day

As you can see, you and I were born in a world entirely of commitments. The thing may not be like that a few thousand years ago. At that time, the main objective of any person was to survive, hunt for food, and help their tribe with the best intentions.

Currently, living does not seem to be a problem. Food is not suitable for many of the people who live in our country. So, life has changed for the better, something you must take advantage of in your favor.

This change has led to a different way of working, not only at the industrial, technological, or electronic level. Now you have commitments that did not even enter people’s minds before, enough work they had to do to stay alive.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

One of the main problems with all this is that you have to fill your mind with many commitments, which often causes you a feeling of stress that does not allow you to live in peace.

The mind is a great counselor and creative, but she has no idea how to manage the information you give her.

Your mind is perfect for some things. It allows you to feel and live life with the people around you.

It also allows you to find creative and different solutions to the problems of your day today. It even allows you to decide between several options and, often, correctly, as long as you have the correct information.

Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping ExpertsStrategies to Clear Your Mind

Distract Yourself

Find something else to think about when you are left alone with thoughts that leave you feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t mean you take a break from your routine and go on vacation. You will have to be more concerned about your responsibilities. Take out some space and time to figure out the things. Try to find ways that can reduce pressure and tension.

In 2015, the researchers of the Journal of Neuroscience studied the way by which the brain archives optimal inattention. They said it could happen when the synchronization of brainwaves changes between different parts of the human brain.


You can’t tell your brain to shut up as it continues, whether you are getting angry or upset. It means your mind is full. You only observe your mind and surroundings in a non-judgmental way. You are in a state of mindfulness whenever you get awareness from your direct experiences through your state of mind, senses, thoughts, and emotions. Try to remodel the physical structure of your brain while training your brain to be mindful.

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