Businesses that Work in Summer

Actually, it’s a matter of thinking about what talent or skill you have. Then think if people would pay for it. Finally, think about how you will sell the idea to introduce that talent and earn money with it. There is almost always a way to do it.


Many are the private urbanizations in neighboring communities, which are obliged to hire a lifeguard and municipal swimming pools of town halls. This summer work has had a great reception for many young and not so young boys, who have filled the classrooms with preparation for this work. Yes, that’s the bad thing, to be a lifeguard, you must attend a course to prepare yourself and know the basics as a rule. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Sell original products to tourists

We can see hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of products, but imagine looking for those rare products online and sell them to tourists. They must be products that really attract attention. Considering that you usually sell things of all kinds, imagine if you make a difference with really original objects.

Themed parties

Question of organizing an event, talking with the owners of premises and terraces to make a party of the theme you think is convenient. In this case, your work will be the organizer of the event and intermediary. Give your imagination a free rein.

Sell Hawaiian shirts to earn money in summer

Something has the Hawaiian shirts that they like, especially in the coastal areas. Even if we search Amazon, we could find Hawaiian shirts for $20. According to which internet sites, you could find them cheaper. You only have to make your wholesale purchase on the internet and sell unitarily to tourists. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


In summer, people tend to go out more. The weather accompanies. The babysitting service increases your demand on these dates. Even hiring hours increase sometimes, even for full days. It is a matter of raising it.

Pet care

We do not talk about walking dogs. The truth is that many people, when they go on vacation, do not like kennels and prefer to let their pet have human contact with a person they trust. It’s not that you’re going to get rich with this business idea, but if you like animals, you can earn some money by taking care of someone else’s pet.


Obviously, it has always been the job that most students have chosen to get extra money in the summer. In areas of high tourism, you can more than earn extra money. You have the possibility of earning money that will keep you all winter. It is clear that, as in any profession, the specialization in a specific branch can make your hours more profitable than that of the waiter to dry.

Replace workers for vacations

Great opportunity to find a job, even for the summer months, in which the company must obligatorily give their workers vacations. Today, a large part of companies prefer to hire substitutes before closing the summer months. Find your opportunity there. With a little luck and competitiveness, you may be chosen to work later. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Social animator

They are required in summer camps, hotels, and trips. If you are an outgoing person, with a happy and imaginative character, currently, only in Spain around 20,000 people are requested to animate some type of party, meeting or camp.

Opportunity for musicians

Soloist or member of an orchestra. Every summer in tourist areas, they are required to animate or give atmosphere to the summer terraces. It is also the season where the orchestras work the most. It is not an easy task, and probably requires a lot of fieldwork.


If languages ​​are your thing, you will have great opportunities for any type of business, be it hotel or hotelier, since on these dates there is a high rate of foreign clients.

Our business ideas of services at 1% (to the rich) may also be in demand in the summer.

We offer all kinds of business ideas for the most enterprising people, both in summer and throughout the year. Maybe, that way you’ll never have to think about getting back some extra money in the summer.

Sell your mood

Since monologues are in vogue and this type of show is increasingly being requested in venues, summer is a good time for you to talk to the owners of the venues and sell your monologue, jokes, or whatever you do.

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