Boost Your B2B Email Performance

B2B Email - Complete Controller

Email has become one of the most powerful channels to reach consumers. It has the highest rate of return among digital marketing channels. It’s also the channel that consumers prefer the most for brand communications. This is because emails are no longer solely text-based.

With HTML and CSS, they can have colors, buttons, images, and more. Today, email marketing is more powerful than ever and is the most effective platform for brands to distribute middle and bottom-of-the-funnel content. Here are some tips for effectively distributing your content via email and refining your B2B (Business to Business) email performance:

  • Provide frequency options

Your subscribers represent individual people – people with different needs, wants, and expectations.  By providing different subscription options, potential subscribers will feel more in control of the emails they’ll receive and are more likely to sign up. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  • Offer content options

One way to provide subscribers with relevant content and inspire potential subscribers to sign up for your emails is by offering several content options. For example, if someone only wants to receive communications about email design techniques but not email marketing strategies, give them the option to subscribe to a niche newsletter that focuses on their interests.

  • Send an engaging welcome email

Please don’t make your subscribers wait for your next newsletter or campaign after they opt-in. Onboard your subscribers or send them a welcome email thanking them for subscribing and include some of your best evergreen content. By immediately demonstrating the value of your emails, you’ll get your subscribers excited for future sends. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  • Keep it valuable, not promotional

When writing your email copy, put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and ask, “What’s in it for me?” Don’t focus on your wants and needs. Focus on theirs.

  • Optimize your inbox view

Before your subscribers can read the content in your email, they must first decide to open the campaign. This decision to open occurs in the inbox, where the subscriber will frequently see a few key pieces of influential information – you’re from the name, subject line, and (sometimes) preview text.

  • Share third-party articles

Your subscribers crave education and motivation. But producing great content is hard and time-consuming. So instead, look to others in your industry for helpful, actionable content, and curate those articles in your emails. You’ll be sharing great content, building trust with your subscribers, and it’s minimal work for you. Plus, sharing content with your partners can help strengthen those relationships. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  • Utilize brand partnerships

Utilize your brand partnerships to expand your content’s reach. For example, work with others in the industry on content initiatives, like webinars, eBooks, and blog posts. Then, when it’s time for the campaign, you can leverage your email subscribers to reach a superior audience.

  • Make it easily shareable

Send great content that your subscribers will want to share. Use your current subscribers as an avenue to reach new ones. By encouraging your subscribers to forward and share your emails, you’re meaningfully expanding the reach of your content and increasing the possibility of additional subscribers.

  • Measure and improve

If it’s not measurable, it’s not worth doing, and even email isn’t an exception to that rule. There is plenty of different analytics that you can measure with email distribution platforms that will give you insights into your database’s health. When it comes to measuring the efficiency of your content via email as a distribution channel, the three key metrics you should keep an eye on include: Click-through Rate (CTR), Open Rate, and Unsubscribes.


Email is the perfect medium to distribute your content initiatives. Since email is a permission-based marketing channel, those signing up to receive your emails explicitly request more information. Your campaigns on your valuable content can help them do just that. If you’re segmenting efficiently when distributing content and executing campaigns, your content will be far more successful in moving your leads through the buyer’s journey.

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