Bite-Sized Portions of the Cloud Part 2

Jennifer Brazer - Complete Controller

Welcome back to part 2 of how to embrace the cloud into bite-sized portions from Jennifer Brazer, founder and CEO of a completely cloud-based company based in the US.

Web-based Software

A simple way to encourage your customers to transition to the cloud is through their accounting software. Most software solutions have web-based options now – even Excel. Getting clients accustomed to anytime-anywhere access to their bookkeeping by leveraging someone else’s technology can pave the path to an open mind.


If you want your customers to utilize digital methods, arm them with the tools and support to do so. If you want them to submit records and receipts electronically, provide them with a mobile phone app that contains that functionality.

Records Storage 

While web-based accounting software can acclimatize your customers to the cloud, it is nice to have something sticky that keeps them locked into using your platform, your technology, your service. You might offer records storage that they can access and use as long as they are a client of yours. Structure it as a filing cabinet to facilitate their using it for all of their financial document storage. Then give them access to it through their mobile phone and the desktop environment you host for them.

Connecting Prospects 

When working with prospects, if they know your firm is tech-savvy right from the start, it will be easier to bridge the technology gap when they come on board as a client. They will already be expecting you to change some things, streamline the process, and give them transparency to their bookkeeping and records.

Tech Forward Giveaway 

One way to establish your tech prowess with prospects is to offer them something of value that is tech-forward. Pick a tool or process to share with them. Brand it to your firm and give it away as part of your brand awareness strategy.

Email Touch 

Anyone who starts a prospect relationship with your business and shortly after that receives a helpful, quick touch base by email will be impressed. And then, when they receive another a month later, they will know that you have a relationship touch strategy, and that will position you as a savvy provider.

Alone or in combination, these tools and strategies will position your business as savvy and supportive as you bridge the technology gap.  

I hope you find it useful. 

Jennifer Brazer,

Author | CEO | Empowerment Nerd