Benefits of Reconciling Your Bank Accounts

Reconciling Your Bank Accounts - Complete Controller

Bank reconciliation is an accounting process that helps you ensure that the money you have spent or deposited matches the amount of money mentioned in your bank statement. It allows you to check or search for any transactions caused by fraud or financial statement errors. Your business and bank keep separate records of withdraws, deposits, or transactions. You must prepare a bank reconciliation once a month to ensure both documents align with each other.

When to Reconcile Your Bank Account?

It’s a good decision to review your bank accounts at least once per month. If you have a high risk of fraud, it is wise to reconcile your accounts more often. Even some companies reconcile their accounts daily. You can also secure your account from any fraudulent activities by using Positive Pay. It helps to notify you about any payment that is going out or coming into your account. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Importance of Bank Reconciliation for Businesses?

  • Catch Fraudulent Activities: One of the most critical purposes of reconciling is to check for fraud activities. If you have noticed any unusual transactions, make sure to investigate them. Or, if you see that someone else has unauthorized access to your account, take action before something harms you. If you do not prepare reconciliation for a long time, it can end up with bounced checks or failed payments in the short term, or you may become financially overstretched in the long term. All these things will affect the growth and sustainability of your business. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business
  • Prevent Complications: The bank reconciliation helps to identify any problems or complications in your business. For example, it can show you that your cash flow is down. Once the problem emerges, reconciliation can help you identify the source of the problem. After that, you can easily take steps to solve the problem and fix your cash flows. It also allows you to keep track of your check and see if any payments by your customers have bounced. Bank reconciliation also helps if you have a joined account with a business partner and they say they need some amount for business expenses, but he withdraws more money than he had told you.
  • Look for data entry errors: Bank reconciliation assists you in identifying any data entry errors, such as entering wrong amounts and duplicated entries.
  • Confirm if the financial statements are accurate: It happens rarely, but it is possible. Reconciling helps to confirm whether the financial statements are correct.
  • Help you record earned interest: If you have started a business, the interest earned may be minor, but it’s good to keep track of your interest rate. Exit Advisor
  • Helps to control theft: It will help you keep a check if any employee or someone else is stealing from your company.
  • Prevent Administrative Issues: Bank reconciliation also highlights any issues that are ongoing in your internal administration. It helps you make better choices that might help your business grow, such as changing your record-keeping system or accounting processes you were using before. 

How To Reconcile Your Bank Account?

To reconcile your account, match the internal record of transactions and balances with your monthly bank statement. Business accounts are not as secure as consumer accounts under federal law, so you need to check your business account. Match each transaction carefully and note down the ones that need more investigation.

You can reconcile manually or by using accounting software. You can take the formal or informal approach to reconciliation. But you have to scrutinize your records with the bank records to rule out any discrepancies.

This task becomes simple if you have a well-managed bookkeeping system. Otherwise, bank reconciliation can turn into an arduous task, and you will be exhausted while doing it.

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