Benefits of a Creative and Innovative Management

Stakeholders are one of the common parts of an organization. Nestle has many stakeholders where they have their operations. For making new efforts, or advice Nestle takes the experts’ advice name as stakeholders. For the development and improvement of corporate policies, Nestle uses stakeholder engagements. Because, according to Nestle stakeholders help them to enhance their business and mark a societal investment. Therefore, stakeholders enhance the level of the company in the market. Stakeholders play a huge role in an organization for the innovation process. CEO of Nestle has said that when a change will develop new strategies. Hence, relationships mean to engage. Nestle business is divided at different levels.

There is daily communication with stakeholders. Nestle has participated in governmental and non-governmental programs. Nestle believes that if they listen to the stakeholders and their feedbacks, it will help their company to grow more (Boschetti et al., 2016).


Communicate a creative and innovative management idea to stakeholders of an organization.

For Nestle, motivation of their employees is one of the priority things, because they think if they motivate them it will help their business to grow. In that matter, those that motivate their organization, produces its best in the running market. Most of all, employees get their job satisfaction, which creates a low turnover, which promotes other employees to work harder. Moreover, this process also saves money and time in recruiting.


Nestle has higher expectations with their employees; that’s why they have provided the tools for success. Moreover, those tools are special training and team building sessions, and these sessions are given online then the remaining practical practices are on working hours. The purpose of training is to introduce the employees to the company and make sure that they stand with the company. In that matter when an employee is fully aware of the company and the nature of the company it helps them to stay honest.


That’s why Nestle always put their efforts in managing the training session, as they have done in the past for their employees’ motivation and moral.


Establish key goals and priorities for implementation of a creative and innovative management idea using feedback from stakeholders


What are the stakeholders?

A stakeholder holds the interest of a company. A stakeholder can get affected by the business or can give effectiveness. Investors are the primary stakeholders.


Feedback from Stakeholders

Feedback from stakeholder is one of the appropriate tools. Feedback means to receive a comment from people. However, in organization feedback is defined by the customers, clients, and stakeholders. Therefore, Nestle love to hear through their stakeholder feedback, and then they realize what’s the need of their company and where they are lacking.

Implementation of creative and innovative management

Nestle is non-cyclical; it is one of the largest food and beverage company.

Nestle is using digital innovation in Silicon Valley to polish the partnership and other leading companies. Nestle always look forward to their stakeholder feedbacks, that’s why they are looking forward to the external partners that could help them to enhance their creativity. Silicon Valley, this unit is used for the creation, and the new products, strategies, and ideas.


Assess the barriers to the implementation of a creative and innovative management idea in an organization

Nestle has begun its journey since 130 years, and because of its innovations, Nestle has made his name prominent around the globe. As the era is changing Nestle is growing more and giving different innovations in foods and beverages such as instant soups, coffee, cereals, frozen yogurts and much more. At the beginning of the ’70s, Nestle came in the market with the pets food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. Nowadays Nestle is ruling around the globe with diverse products for their consumers.


Nestle is the company who believes in innovation and creativeness, that’s why they have maintained the balance along with geographic states, and Nestle is on decentralization, which explains each country is responsible for its own business, and these are the reasons which make Nestle face the barriers.


Global competitive challenges

Because of the extreme globalization, Nestle faces many difficulties. Therefore, Nestle decided to do overtime, and it became a titan force in the industry. Moreover, Nestle took help from exploration and entrepreneurship for the sudden change. Nestle supports culture, change because for them these things recognized the business. For the sake of innovation, Nestle involves fifty mergers to expand his business. Nestle concept is based on food, and they think that “food is a local matter.” Nevertheless, Nestle has spread its organization around the globe, and because of that, it faces lots of barriers internal or external.


Political-Legal challenges

Because of the different laws and different cultures, Nestle uses to face many challenges because it is confirmed that different countries around the globe have different kinds of laws and order and if we talk about cultures, then this is the different aspect. For the sake of culture and the people, different countries have set their laws to facilitate them, and this is one the reason for Nestle to face this barrier.


Economic challenges

Economic is the backbone of any country; if any company is working in a country, they may face challenges from these factors because of the commodities and high production cost. Nestle has faced the same challenges that are why they have planned for extensive green fields for dairy products. Moreover, they also decided to train thirty thousand farmers for the five next years.


Socio-Cultural challenges

Different cultures different societies have become a leading barrier for the Nestle. Moreover, Nestle is struggling to balance the harmony between national and international cultures. Nestle managers are doing their best to remove this barrier. That’s why they are practicing and implementing innovations. Nevertheless, it is confirmed that Nestle cannot forget the different aspects of cultures if they do so they may face public backlash.


Ethical challenges

According to Johnson women may face the challenge regarding gender equality, in the fields of cocoa in Africa. Although Nestle gives training to the female farmers around the globe, in Africa women, farmers are facing discrimination, low pay, and fewer advantages, which has become an ethical challenge. If Nestle wants to grow his company in cocoa, they have to remove this gender discrimination barrier from Africa.

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