Be more productive working from home

Those who work at home or are freelancers have an opportunity that few achieve. When you find yourself in this situation for the first time, it is important to overcome some challenges to achieve success and be productive, because being at home you are exposed to many unusual distractions.

When working from home, the main thing is to reach goals, not to fulfill a certain number of hours. If you establish this as your work guide, you will likely achieve your goals satisfactorily. An important point is that you carefully observe the place where you are going to work and make the necessary modifications that allow you to meet the proposed goals in a simple and effective way.

These tips will help you better organize your work space at home:


Separate the Office from the Rest of the House

A common mistake when working from home is to think that we can do it from the comfort of the sofa or the bed. The first point to work effectively at home is to establish the physical limits of where your home ends and the office begins, otherwise you will be surrounded by elements that will take you away from the objectives proposed for that day.


Seek Good Lighting

Once you have established the place of the house where you will set up your office, make sure that it is near a window or that it has good lighting so as not to force your view. Being next to a window you will have the possibility of placing a small plant on your desk, so that your productivity could increase up to 15%.


Feel Comfortable

As in the office, if you are going to be sitting for extended periods of time, you need to have a comfortable work chair. Problems related to back and neck pain are becoming more frequent among the population that works sitting for long hours. This may be due to incorrect positions that we adopt when reading or writing or simply because our body is not receiving adequate support that our back needs to cover our work day. There is a wide variety of work chairs that you can find at very affordable prices. Remember that investing in your health is something worthwhile.


Decorate to your Liking

To make you feel good in your own space, try to decorate your office with the details that you like and that put you in a good mood. Be careful when choosing the colors of the elements that decorate your home office, because even the color of your wallpaper can determine your level of productivity. Blue is considered one of the best colors to decorate work spaces, this is because it can favor our concentration; and some details in red or orange could help you stimulate your creative mind.


Organize your Time and Take Breaks

Although what we are looking for is productivity, which does not mean that you have to sit for eight hours without stopping for a second from the desk. On the contrary, taking breaks while working helps clear the mind and avoid stress. You should also consider the possibility of establishing fixed work schedules that allow you to enjoy certain hours a day to carry out your personal activities.

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