Avoid being a victim of fraud in your tax return

When filing your tax return electronically, you can be a victim of fraud, which would make your balance in favor fall into the wrong hands. Keep reading to know how to protect yourself.

Although the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has done everything possible to protect your information, it is possible to be a victim of fraud by filing a tax return electronically. This can happen when another person enters the IRS platform to make a tax declaration using your data, in this way you can request that the deposit of the balance in favor be made to the account of who is committing the fraud.

To avoid being a victim of such crimes, the IRS recommends:

  • Do not share your password. Never give your password or FILE electronic signature to another person as it is the easiest way they can access your profile on the SAT. Your password is private and personal, so it is not transferable.
  • If you notice strange activity or see that your password has been used by a third party, report it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and at the SAT office closest to you.
  • Change your password periodically. A simple way to reduce the risk of your data being vulnerable.

If you physically or salaried person, remember that the deadline for filing the statement annually is April 30; If you fail to comply with this procedure, the fine could reach over $1,200.00.

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