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We will define by profitable asset everything that provides a constant good income or that which once bought us a guarantee of sale for an amount more significant than the purchase in a period. And we will define passive income as everything that occasionally introduces money in our pocket without the need for continued intervention on our part. Now we explain it better.

First, we must know how to distinguish liquid assets from non-liquid assets. In that previous article, we explained the difference extensively. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Until very recently, the best-considered asset was real estate. Today, in most countries the real estate market, such speculation is not possible, but it does not mean that it is a bad investment.

However, investment in real estate has always been and will be a way to receive passive income by purchasing properties for rent.


Especially if they pay good dividends, although as we said, to live on bonuses, you must invest too much money, which may not be available; however, choosing an excellent value or a sound investment vehicle can generate that desired profitable income or a sale with added profitability in our favor. To know more about actions, I have a complete guide on investment and financial education. 


The registration of a patent is a millionaire business in cases because if we could register a new patent, we will receive an income every time we use it. The complicated thing is to find the patent. However, we could say that today people live on their patent registers. And not just live, because in some cases, we could talk about real fortunes. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault


Authoring a book can be a very profitable asset, and right now, thanks to the internet, we receive income for life every time our book is purchased or downloaded. Today, you can self-publish your book both on paper and in electronic format. When we give ideas to make money, we always name this form.

Webs or Blogs

Among the most profitable assets of recent times, from ten dollars a year (which is not money), you can generate a handsome income, and in some cases, millionaire income, with the possibility of selling that website to another agency that will purchase or optimize websites. We will talk more about this topic in later articles. 

YouTube Channel

Although you must be clear that both a blog and a channel usually require updates and dedication on our part, the truth is that it often compensates for profitability if you do a decent job and have something new to say. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now


Buying an undervalued business whose owner has not known how to make it work can be one of the best acquisitions of profitable assets. In recent times, you tend to speculate with companies with the ease you suspect directly with stocks. The other possibility for generating assets is to create your own business. Without a doubt, which is the most profitable investment?


It is not the business it was, but they are still significant assets. Buying an old house, renovating it, and renting it is an asset if the money we receive is greater than the monthly rent. The difference between these amounts is our profitable income. Also, buy large properties and make rental properties. Here, we gave you the eight ways to invest in real estate today.

Your Own Business

There is no better asset and more profitable than your own business or company since this asset is your creation, your masterpiece, which is worth as much as you want, or you can value it. The income you receive will go according to the business model you have created and your skills in company management, of course.

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