Artificial Intelligence Still Can’t Do

AI Cant Do Everything - Complete Controller

The first and most important question:

Can it be Personal?

Each person – a “digital visitor” – comes to your site with some intention. And these intentions are as unique and diverse as the people themselves. Let’s take retail. The most challenging season of the year is New Year’s holidays – everyone chooses gifts for other people and not for themselves. Everything you know about a particular consumer may be completely unnecessary.

Let’s add another layer of information: how visitors contact you based on channel, device, or another point of contact. It doesn’t matter if they come directly to a website, enter a mobile app, search in a search engine, or click on a link in an email – their buying journey is complicated and confusing. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Businesses face a huge challenge, both in terms of data and resources. We have all heard dogmas that the world is an omnichannel, not tied to specific devices. Now tell me, how often do I have to “introduce myself” to you before receiving personalized attention?

When marketers, e-commerce executives, or CMS developers are exploring the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems, it is imperative to assess the cognitive skills of those systems. Can they automatically change adapt to the changing user context? The work of AI cannot be based only on those rules entered manually or on the average portrait of the user obtained during segmentation.

On the contrary, artificial intelligence should itself describe the personal experience of the client, based on the recognition of behavior patterns, analyzing the visitor’s behavior in all his digital presence, in all channels. This is a complicated science because users don’t always log in when they visit a site. The ability to correlate an anonymous user with already known patterns of behavior and to define him unambiguously as an already known visitor to recognize him requires enormous computing power and AI capabilities.

This does not mean that there is no way out. Companies like Google are already using similar solutions to determine the expectations of their users. And if we choose not to evolve, we risk quickly becoming obsolete. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Artificial intelligence constantly checks the changing set of data surrounding it, both in terms of what it is programmed to know about it and what it can learn about it. This mechanism allows him to have a personal, personalized approach to customer communication.

But when communicating with someone personally, you are waiting for a deeper context; you have to respond or adapt to every clue you receive from the person. Can artificial intelligence do this?

How Does He React?

The language is complicated. There is nothing more important, varied, and changing than language for AI. We can ask the seller for May tea, but this does not mean we need tea harvested in May. Will the artificial intelligence system determine that we need a drink of the May Tea brand?

Before evaluating the business benefits of AI, we must admit that we may not be able to understand the language accurately. Words, tone, and context can carry different and changing meanings. We already see some brands ditch their AI chatbots due to many bugs. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

AI Can’t Work in a Vacuum

It is tough to answer queries in a closed ecosystem. It takes intelligence to move the user to the desired outcome, but the AI ​​cannot readjust to what it doesn’t know. For artificial intelligence, responding is essential to understanding behavior and context on a larger scale. It may even require access to or be able to connect to data from outside a specific site. Returning to understanding the language, how words are used to find the information you need constantly changes. People can describe certain services and products in different ways daily in blogs, websites, or even the physical world. And artificial intelligence must recognize these movements and include them back into the system.

Every factor that drives customer intent constantly changes, and effective AI use cases cannot work in a vacuum. It is crucial to look for solutions that embrace an open architecture to adapt the system quickly.

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