Appropriate Methods to Review Current Leadership Requirements

With the introduction of technology and the advancement of internet, business is spreading at a much faster rate globally. There is a constant race for customers, global challenges, suppliers, diversity and also race for better sales. There are few steps which an organization can follow to convert their employees into leaders. 1) Communicating with employees, leaders should often communicate with their employees; this will guide them in the mission of the organization. 2) provide proper coaching and training to their employees, this will help them to utilize their expertise in the right direction 3) engaging employees in most productive manner, good leaders always know which of their employees is capable of which kind of work, and they utilize their abilities accordingly. 4) The handling attitude of employees is also the responsibility of leaders; they should know how they can be a role model for their employees, with the right kind of attitudes that everyone would like to follow.


It is a quality of good leaders, to know how they can use their interpersonal expertise, to ensure that their company is running or heading in the right direction, and also to respond positively to external and internal changes in the environment which can affect the basic structure of the organization. Employees are the most important asset of the organization. Therefore it is the responsibility of leaders to create a healthy working environment for them so that they can work hard, to motivate them so they can utilize their expertise in a more conducive manner. Another responsibility of leaders is to avoid a negative impact within the organization; this can be done by avoiding jealousy factor among employees and encourage them to work together as a team.


Plan for the development of future situations requiring leadership

Sustainable competitive advantage is achieved by the competent and dominant role of effective and efficient leadership. The vision and mission of the company are organized by proposing different managing philosophies.


The emergence of new technology

The emergence of new technologies is also very challenging for leaders; proper knowledge or information is also very necessary for every organization. They should know how to utilize this new technology for their benefits, a growing trend of virtual or e-business, which means doing business from the internet or online business, employees and leaders have direct access to each other through the internet, which helps them to coordinate with each other easily. 


Merger or takeover

Merger or takeover of organizations creates complexity and competitive environment, here the role of leaders is to deal with difficult situations, due to different policies of both companies there is a constant backlash among two organizations. Therefore, good leaders should focus on getting their teams together, to work on policies which provide the satisfaction of customers, employees, and stakeholders and also try to hold the prime objective of the company.


Regulatory compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance is another responsibility of leaders, which requires efficient selection, recruitment and training procedures. Selecting right employee, for the right job is also a skill, brakes are working on this principles, and they are recruiting people with skills that can help their company to grow so that they can maintain the compliance of the organization.


Diversity in culture

Cultural diversification is another important concern for every organization; employees working within the company belongs to different regions or different cultures. Therefore the leader has a responsibility to create an environment which is healthy, positive, and which treats everyone equally. They should focus on increasing the working skills of employees which will not only benefit them but also benefit their company.


Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement

To progress, an organization needs effective leadership and also effective planning for the development of leadership skills; in this regard, there are few features which can be followed by every organization:


Formal learning procedures

This segment includes arranging different formal training sessions, workshops or seminars for employees, which will help them to understand the importance of learning, or introducing new skills in their working methods, also help them to improvise their skills and bring innovative changes.


On job training

Another effective method is on the job training; employees learn more in this session; in this learning, procedure management trains their employees and leaders; this will increase their knowledge and skills to work better.


Building leadership qualities

Management is also responsible for building leadership qualities in their employees, they should urge every employee to learn leadership qualities, and this will benefit each employee and also benefit their company. By focusing more on learning, outcomes will help the company to excel more in the business world.


Effective and efficient training programs will help the employees to efficiently represent their organization and also help leaders to lead their company in the right direction which will eventually help the company to grow in the industry.


Globalization, challenges, and demands of the future business world have emphasized the need for proper development of leadership skills for every company. Better leadership requires self-confidence, mission, vision, enthusiasm, and empowerment; all of these factors will help leaders to convert their ideas into actions and also help to implement positive changes in the company.


Methods that help to plan the development of leadership


There are a few methods which will help the company for development of better leadership.


Training programs

Brakes Company has adopted this method, training programs always help the organization to bring innovative changes within the organization, and due to this job training, the employees learn new skills and new methods which can help them to increase their knowledge and to bring new changes in their work.


Practical learning

This method of training employees has proved to be very beneficial in terms of teaching them the practical application of new strategies or new skills in their working methods. This learning procedure helps to get feedback, to know if the application of the selected method is going in the right direction.


Rotation In job

Choosing the right person for the right kind of job is also a quality of a leader, job rotation and recruitment of employees according to demands of the job is very important for fulfilling the requirements of the company.


Retention of current and future leaders

For retention of skilled leaders the company should set some incentives, rewards, and appraisals for their leaders, this will help the organization for retention of their skilled employees, which are playing a strong role for the betterment of their company.


Executive coaching

Development of employees into leaders is another important quality of efficient management; the company should focus on providing executive coaching which will help employees to enhance their information and also their skills.



Brakes is a rapidly growing company in the United Kingdom, the Company has achieved a recognizable position in the business industry, by recruiting effective and efficient people in their organization, which provide advantages to their company by utilizing their skills in the right direction. Brakes Company is managing its workforce efficiently by arranging training programs, workshops, executive coaching programs and formal learning seminars for their employees. This will help their employees to increase their knowledge and skills which will not only benefit their employees but also benefit their company. This paper has explained the importance of developing effective leadership strategies for the organization, as this will help the company to grow or progress more in the industry.

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