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Universal social cards implementation was in the articles of the General State Budgets 2018 and, finally, in mid-December, came into operation. Even so, in this time of validity, it has gone unnoticed by the great majority.
You should know the Universal Sanitary Card because it can help you minimize your administrative times and inform you about the benefits and help you are entitled to. You get it with her in one click, and it’s free.
We tell you this new information system’s lights and shadows that have started to work with more pain than glory.

What is the Universal Social Card? LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

The Universal Social Card is a new information system accessed through a mobile application (or computer). All information regarding the benefits and economic content aids enjoyed in the past or present regardless of the Public Administration manages it. In addition to informing you about those to which you would be entitled.

We talk about information regarding:

  1. Basic or complementary pensions.
  2. Contributory, non-contributory, and welfare pensions.
  3. Temporary benefits: subsidies for temporary disability, maternity, paternity, risk during pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
  4. Single payment benefits and aids.

What is the Universal Social Card?

This new and accessible information system has a triple functionality:

It allows you to have up-to-date information about the benefits and aids you currently receive or perceive over time. And, beyond that, to know what benefits or help you could enjoy depending on your situation.
Besides downloading, your mobile device (or your computer) with all the security and confidentiality guarantees can provide that information.
It means that the administrative burden is significantly smaller for you, and the procedures for accessing social benefits are simplified. For the administrations, which are the ones that provide information and users of the system, this Universal Social Card offers a complete vision of the social protection that each citizen perceives.
In this sense, the management, recognition, and control of benefits and financial aid are more agile and secure. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits And the Administration itself offers a valuable tool for decision-making in the design of social policies, as it collects statistical data and prepares economic studies.

How the Universal Social Card works

The system nourishes the information provided electronically by the State Administration’s different organisms, the Autonomous Communities, and the Local Entities.
Thus, there is a qualitative leap in the registration methods and a complete, integrated, and automated information system that allows us to offer specific services to citizens, as we saw in higher lines and institutional users.
From the App or the computer, you will know what helps or benefits you have at your disposal and get a Global Report of all the information registered about you.
You can also share this information with whoever you want and need through your mobile device or computer messaging.
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