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In the US, we are still not used to hearing about them, but in the rest of the world, they sound strong and for many reasons. We are talking about micro-insurance, a type of protection that is extending in areas. There is a low level of wealth and society’s urbanization, which can contract directly from a prepaid mobile phone.

Microinsurance and its history

You can outgrowth your microfinancing projects as it will help thousands of individuals with lower incomes. In this way, you can set up businesses and purchase houses. Various microinsurance programs will allow you a fast payout based on measurable factors or parameters. Famous and observable characteristics decide the level of parametric policies. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits For example, the damage expense will always indicate how the farmer’s approach should be then. You can encourage it for specific conditions. You will have automatic compensation when a hundred-mile wind in a particular area or an exact amount of policyholder and rainfall. Inspect damages and find out the loss expense then, request for the settlement. As a result, you will have claimants’ fast access to the funds that will allow you to run your business best. Suppose you want to advance farmers’ yields and purchase quality equipment. In that case, you will have to ensure your crops and livestock as collateral. As a result, your living will increase automatically.

The company, American International Group, offers a micro-insurance facility, and there will be the beginning of selling policies in Uganda in 1997. Today, many companies are making innovative microinsurance products that are helping the poor, who are the victims of financial losses.

The ‘low cost’ insurance revolution

Microinsurance is a product-focused on the social segment’s protection at a low-income level. It operates in an unstable economy and that have not been able to access the standard insurance market. According to the BIMA Movile report, the insurance penetration rate in developing countries is only 2.9% due to obstacles such as lack of education, inaccessible prices for the majority of the population, and a scarce distribution network. Exit Advisor

You will have a promising solution, such as small insurance contracts that previously irrigated mobile phones. As a result, you will also have a massive population percentage, and you can get a considerable penetration in nations. That all includes such as Africa, Latin America, the Pacific, and Asia. In 2014, there was a rate of policy insurance that is up to 17 million policies. This rate increases up to 263% of the previous year, that is, mobile insurance.

The key to this new business model is to use mobile phones as electronic purses. According to the study carried out by the GSMA association on Mobile Financial Services, this feature is becoming popular in a spectacular way, which is projected to obtain 16 million customers. New in 2015 around the world.

Products of microinsurance

Microinsurance was born with life products, although they are extending to other sectors. It gives rise to health microinsurance, accidents, and micro pensions, among other products.

Also, they have specific coverage such as crop damage or food vouchers and collectively include an entire community. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Advantages of microinsurance

The emergence of microinsurance in the panorama entails a series of desirable advantages for the governments of developing countries, their population, and non-governmental organizations.

Among other functions, micro-insurance:

They allow access to essential services for these communities, such as healthcare or agricultural aid programs.

  • They increase productivity among insured persons since they are more willing to invest if they feel supported. It’s in turn, translates into economic growth, improvement of living conditions, and social inclusion.
  • Also, insurers can multiply their customers exponentially without investing a large amount of money in distribution networks, benefiting from mobile services and informal networks.

And since the sums insured are small, the payment of claims is quick.

But microinsurance also poses a series of challenges to the insurance sector since management controls are very weak, and frauds often occur. Also, many countries lack a legal framework to regulate this new type of insurance. Consumer protection strategies are usually very scarce, so many doubts and complications accompany their implementation.

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