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Agriculture and agribusiness make up a market of almost $390 billion in production. Farming and agribusiness have grown to incorporate subsectors like agricultural machinery, chemicals, farming equipment, etc. Companies in these sectors can use traditional methods to reach their customers or rely on digital marketing practices. The truth is that digital marketing offers an opportunity for the agricultural industry to increase visibility and generate efficient B2B leads. As these companies grow, so do their proportions of operations, and chances of online reach increase.LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault Now, the agricultural sector has the lowest rate of adaptation to digital marketing practices. For brands looking to increase their reach across the industry, digital marketing can grow organic site traffic and boost the perceived industry authority.

Until now, the agricultural sector has relied heavily on traditional marketing practices to reach its targeted customers. However, the growth and stability of the industry require online marketing methods to provide them with a steady flow of potential buyers. Digital marketing for the industrial sector can give long-term benefits and performance for the industry.

The Potential of Digital Marketing for Agriculture

The search engine management includes SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to reach the targeted customers. Almost 50% of the traffic now comes from organic search and the additional from paid marketing. Search engines such as Google can bring nearly 40% of online revenue for the sector. Digital marketing in the agriculture and agribusiness market means tailoring the strategy that drives traffic from organic and paid methods according to goals. Placing yourself in the number 1 spot of Google can raise the average share of average traffic to 35%, and the 1st page of search engine results increases traffic by more than 90%. The increase in traffic is because searchers prefer results that are prominent and instantly accessible. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Why Consider it as a Strategy?

The benefit of using a digital marketing strategy is that professional SEO campaigns can help improve the quality of traffic by directing only the relevant traffic. It happens by targeting high-value and industry-related keywords and designing the content accordingly. Digital marketing as a part of the agricultural strategy is ideal for:

  • Ensuring long-term business growth and reliable revenue
  • Maintaining or growing market share
  • Promoting brand recognition and building a loyalty base for the business
  • Increase of traffic across organic, referral, and social segments
  • Gaining authority to gain backlinks and improve link strategy
  • Improve the sales revenue without having an ad budget
  • Generating leads and sales by catching search traffic for customers who are at the top of the funnel

Tips to Master Digital Marketing for Agriculture

Match the products to specific growers

You have no control over the audience when you put out a print ad. You pay for the placement and hope the right person sees and approaches you. In digital marketing, everything relies on data and relevancy. In this method, you pay for the clients and not the placement.

Digital marketing helps you match your products to specific growers. For instance, you want to market the new corn hybrid. The question is if you wish to deliver your ad to every farmer or only those who deal in corn. The answer is the latter. The solution relies on your objectives, but for most agribusinesses, the best ROI is when you reach the right grower, and digital marketing helps you attain that.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Invest in targeted ads

Another tip is investing in targeted ads to reach the relevant customer base better. With many competitions present for the placement of those spots, you must increase your chances within your budget. The goal is to start small and then gradually scale the campaign to achieve the results. The more targeted campaigns you run, the more you avoid wasting the marketing budget on useless practices. 

Integrate traditional and digital marketing

Another method to increase your chances of attracting the right audience is to combine traditional and digital marketing. Data obtained through digital means gives you an idea of targeting the customers you seek. Do not abandon a channel in favor of the other, as they can complement each other easily.

Final Word

Using digital marketing methods for the agriculture sector is a way to increase the chances of finding the right audience and better revenue. Optimizing the marketing strategies according to digital has the potential to boost growth. The agricultural sector needs to implement digital marketing strategies to engage the farmers better and contribute to the sector’s growth. 

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